The Doctrine of Eternal Salvation by Grace Alone Upheld,

and the Doctrine of Conditional Eternal Salvation or Salvation by Works Refuted.

Joint Discussion on Foreign Missions

The Rev. H. Clay Yates,
of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
and Elder Lemuel Potter,
of the Regular Baptist Church,
Held in Owensville, Indiana,
Commending Dec. 14 and ending Dec. 19, 1885.

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Debate on the Doctrine of the Atonement,
between Rev. Benoni Stinson (General Baptist),
and Elder Joel Hume (Primitive Baptist)
at Owensville, Indiana, 1863.
(Rev. Stinson challenged Elder Hume for this debate)

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Debate on Atonement
Between Elder Lemuel Potter, Regular Baptist,
and Elder Thomas W. Dickey, Missionary Baptist.
Held at the Lilly Meeting House, Wayne County, Illinois,
April 19 and 20, 1887.

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A Debate on Total Hereditary Depravity;
The Possibility of All Men, Where the Gospel is Preached, Becoming Christians;
The Design of Baptism;
and the Possibility of Falling from Grace;
Elder Joel Hume, of Posey County, Indiana, of the Regular Baptist Church, and
Elder Benjamin Franklin, of Cincinnati, Ohio, of the Christian Church,
Commencing November 14th and ending November 17th, 1853:
Containing four hour speeches and twelve half-hour speeches on each side.

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A Debate on Universalism, in Carroll County, Indiana
Between Elder John R. Daily (Primitive Baptist)
and Rev. T. E. Ballard (Universalist)
from May 31, 1898 through June 3, 1898

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A Synopsis of Four Lectures on the Communion,
by Elder Lemuel Potter, 1886.

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Remarks on Church Discipline, and Reflections on the Church of Christ,
with the Utility and Benefits of Associations
by Elder Daniel Parker, 1824

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Thoughts on Missions, by Elder John Taylor, 1819.

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History of Clear Creek Church, and Campbellism Exposed

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Official Actions of the Redstone Baptist Association,
Rejecting Campbellism, and Thomas and Alexander Campbell
and the Beaver Anathema

In 1823 Alexander Campbell held a debate on Baptism with Mr. Maccalla of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Maccalla attempted to bring into the debate the question of "Church Identity." Mr. Campbell had said that the Church at Jerusalem was a Baptist Church. Mr. Maccalla denied this, and demanded proof that the Baptist Church had a line of succession. Mr. Campbell challenged him to a discussion of that question, and offered to prove the succession of Baptist Churches from the days of the apostles. The following is a quotation from the debate on this point, by Alexander Campbell: "Waldenses, in their confession of faith, A. D. 1521, and hosts in the Sixteenth Century, have advocated the Baptist sentiments and practice." Again, in the same speech, "Clouds of witnesses attest the fact that before the Reformation from popery, and from the apostolic age to the present time, the sentiment of the Baptists, and the practice of Baptism have had a continued chain of advocates, and public monuments of their existence in every century can be produced." Again, "There were Baptists in all ages that never acknowledged the Mother of Harlots; and besides Catholic, Episcopalian and Presbyterian clergy had joined their community, and therefore, whatever efficacy of office there was on earth, was to be found in the Baptist community."

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The Modern Mission System
and Its Insatiable Thirst for Money -
and Its Rejection by the Primitive Baptists

In 1814 and 1815, when Luther Rice began to spread his heresy and mission plan, it met with immediate opposition. An example, appears in the New River Associaton of Virginia:

New River Association of Virginia, 1816 - "A request from Bethel Church for opening a regular correspondence with the Board of Foreign Missions - after considerable altercation, finding it could not be carried into effect, liberty was obtained to withdraw the request."

Other Works Available from The Primitive Baptist Library
(not entered on our website at this time) include "A Public Address," by Elder Daniel Parker; "History of the Regular Baptists of Southern Illinois," by Elder Achilles Coffey; "Principles and Practices of the Regular Baptists" by James H. Oliphant; and many more. Also,
"Who Are the Primitive Baptists?" A Speech delivered by Elder Lemuel Potter during a public debate with Rev. W. P. Throgmorton at Fulton, Kentucky, July 12, 1887, and continuing four days and two nights.


Cast Out of the Synagogue, by the Rulers and Chief Priests of the Sanhedrin, with appendix, "An allegory, Black River Bear Hunting." A collection of Minutes of Councils, letters, and articles, published by about thirty different Old School Baptist churches, showing the clerical usurpation of authority belonging only to local churches, by "conventions," "seminaries," and "mission societies," in the State of New York. Chapters being developed, showing the same in other States.

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Historical Facts Presented and Missionary Baptist Claims Refuted

A Study of New Harmony Church, Colonel Levi Williams, the Militia, and the Expulsion of the Mormons from Hancock County, Illinois


Editorial Writings of Elder John R. Daily, from Zion's Advocate, 1898-1906.

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Writings of Elder Isaac N. Vanmeter, Macomb, Illinois 1815-1894.

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