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The Primitive Baptist Library of Carthage, Illinois

A Primitive Baptist Doctrinal and Historical Research Library
A Conservative Old-Line Primitive Baptist Website

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Our Wonderful, Comforting, Doctrinal Beliefs Totally Supported by the Bible

The Cause of Truth Defended, and the Lambs and Sheep Fed
A Record of Our Participation in Public Debates
An Expository Series on the Articles of Faith of the Primitive Baptist Church

Churches served by Elder Robert Webb and Elder Robbie Webb

Carthage Primitive Baptist Church, Hancock County, Illinois, History and Articles of Faith with scriptural references

Laboring to establish churches, and restart or restore churches to the old paths in Illinois

Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church, near Iola, Clay County, Illinois, Photos and History

Pleasant Grove Church, near Salem/Selmaville, Salem Township, Marion County, Illinois

Primitive Baptist Church meetings at LaSalle-Peru, LaSalle County, and Sycamore, DeKalb County within reach from Chicago, Illinois, and by interstate travel from anywhere in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin

Springfield Primitive Baptist Church, in Springfield, Capitol Township, Sangamon County, Illinois

Illinois Primitive Baptist Association, organized in September 2014. at Pleasant Grove Church

Church properties which are or may still be legally in possession of the old-line Primitive Baptists.

Little Flock Church and Little Shepherd Cemetery, near Chandlerville (Newmansville), Cass County, Illinois

Head of Apple Creek Church and Conlee Cemetery, near Waverly, Morgan County, Illinois

Union Church and Cemetery, Fandon, Bethel Township, McDonough County, Illinois

Canteen Creek Church and Wood Cemetery, Troy, Jarvis Township, Madison County, Illinois


Research on our Glorious Church History, and Tools to Assist Researchers

Index to Primitive Baptist Church and Family History Research in Fifty States, Washington D.C., Canada, and Europe
Index of Surnames for which there are Obituaries in our Church Papers
Ancient History of the Primitive Baptist Church from Apostolic Times to its Establishment in America
Abraham Lincoln and the Primitive Baptist Church at Lincoln's New Salem
Historical Facts Presented and False Claims Refuted
A summary recap of our research on church periodicals and records

Hymnals for Sale, and Library Quarterly (free)

The Primitive Baptist Hymn Book, by D. H. Goble, The Primitive Baptist Hymn & Tune Book, by Elder John R. Daily, and the Little Book of Favorite Hymns (a supplement to the Daily book)

Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn & Tune Book, compiled by Jason R. Fruit

Recent Issues of the Library Quarterly, Free Upon Request

The Library's Holdings (excerpts from our catalogs), and a Record of Gifts Received, and Items we still hope to find

Please help us find the following missing issues of the "Messenger of Peace," published at Macon and Marceline, Missouri
Please help us find church records in many states across the United States
Information About our Permanent Collection, and a few Miscellaneous Items We are Seeking
Digitization Project to put Church and Association Records, Periodicals, Books, Journals &c, on CD's & DVD's
Sharing Our Joy and Appreciation: A Listing of Gifts Received


Remembrance, Restoration, Recognition, and Preservation of Our Precious Heritage Received from our Forefathers, which they Received at the Cost of the Blood of Martyrs

Tributes to a Few of the Thousands of our Pioneer Ministers
Tributes to A Few of Our Pioneer Ministers
Remembrance of our heritage
A Journey of Remembrance by Flatboat, December 2-16, 2006, Marking Elder Wilson Thompson's Journey in Late 1810; and the 200th Anniversary of Bethel Church, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, organized July 19, 1806

A Listing of Deeds and Records for Primitive Baptist Churches in Illinois

Recognition of historic churches and cemeteries
Memorial Markers at Sites of Illinois Primitive Baptist Churches which no longer exist
The Old Stone Church, called Providence, at Howardsville, near Lena, Stephenson County, Illinois
The Old Stone Church, called West Liberty, near Sperry, Des Moines County, Iowa
Nine Mile Church, near DuQuoin, Perry County, Illinois

Middle Creek "Old Brick" Church and Cemetery, near Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois, restoration work from 2004 to the present

Providence (aka Brumback) Cemetery, near Plymouth, St. Marys Township, Hancock County, Illinois (restoration in 1970)

Burial List for the Walker Cemetery, former site of New Harmony Church, near Sutter, Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois

Jacob Hunter Trust, cemetery near original site of Pleasant Hill Church, Williamson County, Illinois, website:

Primitive Baptist Library of Carthage, Illinois

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Researchers should contact us by email, U. S. mail, or by telephone, with inquiries or research requests. We will handle them as our schedule of volunteer time allows. Personal visits must be short, as our work schedule prevents us from having outside researchers come, unless by previous arrangement for matters which we consider to be of sufficient importance to make an exception.

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