State of Indiana


In speaking of the churches of Posey County, Indiana, in 1894, Elder Lemuel Potter wrote: "The churches of Posey County are as strong numerically, as they were when I first began to preach for them, and some of them are considerably stronger. The Baptists of these churches are sound, faithful brethren, none of them that I know of being the least tinctured with arminianism or antinomianism, but Primitive Baptists, who love to hear the doctrine and practice of the Baptists vindicated. The churches I have mentioned were the churches among whom Elders Hume and Strickland labored most of their ministerial lives. Those churches never did divide on missionism, two-seedism, no-soulism, non-resurrectionism, nor the means question, nor any other "ism." Some of them date as far back in their constitutions as 1806, and there is not a Missionary Baptist church in the county, nor in the bounds of the Salem Association. The General Baptists, who are full-fledged Arminians, and free-communionists, are the only body of religionists in the bounds of Salem Association who claim the name of Baptists, except our people. The difference between our people and the General Baptists is so great, that there never was much danger of a man being mistaken and joining one of these denomination when he intended to join the other. This is not true in every case where there are Missionary Baptists, for I feel confident that the Missionaries today have in their churches hundreds and thousands of our people; and the way they get them is by telling the people that there is really no difference of importance between us, and that their churches are flourishing. They get a great many people to join them, who in heart are really our people.

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