The Library's Holdings of Primitive Baptist Periodicals:

Click on this link to see the details of our holdings of Primitive Baptist periodicals. Also, our hymnal collection, and a list of pamphlets by Elder W. S. Craig.

List of Our Holdings

The Primitive Baptist Library's Holdings of Public Debates:

Most of our collection of public debates has been microfilmed. Nearly 4,500 pages have been filmed on three reels. The Company which did the filming has closed now, and we have not located another company to make copies from our master negative. However, here is an inventory of each reel:

Reel #1: Debate on the Doctrine of Atonement (Elder Josiah Hume, Primitive Baptist, vs. Benoni Stinson, General Baptist); Debate on Total Hereditary Depravity (Elder Josiah Hume vs. Benj. Franklin); Debate on Universalism and the Resurrection (Elder John R. Daily, Primitive Baptist, vs. John Hughes, Universalist); Theological Discussion (Elder John R. Daily vs. W. P. Throgmorton).

Reel #2: Debate on Atonement and Operation of the Spirit (Elder C. H. Cayce, Primitive Baptist, vs. I. N. Penick, Missionary Baptist; Is Salvation Conditional or Unconditional? (Elder C. H. Cayce, vs. F. B. Srygley, "Christian" Church; Church Identity Discussed (Elder J. M. Thompson, Primitive Baptist, vs. J. H. Lawson ("Church of Christ"); An Oral Debate (Elder John A. Thompson, Primitive Baptist, vs. Benj. Franklin); Debate on Total Depravity, Election, Church Polity, Free Moral Agency, Water Baptism, and Final Apostasy (Elder Grigg M. Thompson, Primitive Baptist, vs. O. A. Burgess, Reformer).

Reel #3: "Who Are the Primitive Baptists?" (Elder Lemuel Potter, vs. W. P. Throgmorton; Debate at Lena, Ind., (Elder B. F. Querry, Primitive Baptist, vs. W. H. Williams); Five Days' Debate on Church Identity (Elder James B. Hardy, Primitive Baptist, vs. Isham E. Wallace); Debate at Medina, Tenn. (Elder J. D. Holder, Primitive Baptist, vs. Gus Nichols "Church of Christ"); Debate on Eternal Salvation (Elder George E. Griffin, Primitive Baptist, vs. Guy N. Woods, "Church of Christ").

The Library's Holdings of Association Minutes:

To obtain a complete listing of our holdings of Primitive Baptist association minutes, please send us an e-mail request, and we will be glad to send the current listing to you.

We now have more than 14,000 Association minutes.

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