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MAY'S MILL (1886)

Pursuant to a former appointment, a presbytery and council met at May's Mill, Yates County, on May 5, 1886, at 10 o'clock a.m., to take into consideration the propriety of organizing the following named members into a Primitive or Old School Baptist Church, to wit: Thomas Manby, Ann Manby, J. May, Mary J. May, Evangelia B. West, and Alfred Jensen. (Two were added by letter shortly after the church was organized.)

After praise and prayer by J. May, Elder D. M. Vail was chosen moderator, and H. B. Elliott, clerk. Names of churches and messengers were enrolled as follows: Abington, A. B. Russell; Burdett, Deacon H. Ayres, A. Ayres, A. B. Dickerman, Walter Reed, H. B. Elliott; Canton & Columbia, Deacon D. T. Scudder; Charleston & Sullivan, Elder William A. Campbell, Deacon L. H. Elliott; Otego, Deacon C. Reynolds; Ricker's Hollow, Deacons Weld Graves, Edward Drake, and Levi Drake; Chemung, Elder D. M. Vail.

Following the constitution, the church agreed to choose Elder Charles Bogardus as pastor, and J. May as Deacon and clerk. The church became a member of the Chemung Association.


Jensen, Manby, May, West (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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