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The Chemung Church was organized at the house of Phineas Rogers, on September 17, 1834. The presbytery and council was composed of Elders Eli Gitchel, Joseph Beeman, Benjamin G. Avery, John Sawyer, Hezekiah West, and John Knapp, and Brethren Aaron Rathbone, A. Ellis, and Enos Rose. There were eleven charter members, viz., Phineas Rogers, Cornelius Quick, Jesse Kirk, James Olmstead, Jonathan Potter, Margaret Quick, Ann Haughton, Nancy I. Leonard, Jane McConnel, and Betsy Hicks. This church became a member of the Chemung Association.


Beard, Harding, Haughton, Hicks, Kirk, Leonard, McConnel, Moore, Mulock, Olmstead, Park, Potter, Quick, Reed, Rogers, Vail (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


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