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New Vernon Church was organized in 1785, under the ministry of Elder Ebenezer West, with sixteen charter members, viz., Elder Ebenezer West, Richard West, William Smith, Jedediah Fuller, Solomon Wheat, Asa Warder, John Harding, David Smith, William Patterson, Lydia King, Keziah Jillet, Abigail Smith, Elizabeth Godfrey, Delia Rogers, Anna King, and Rhoda Harding. Elder Ebenezer West held the pastoral care of the church until his death in October 1793. Soon after this vacancy caused by death, Elder Benjamin Montanye was chosen pastor and served for thirty-three years, until his death in 1825. In May 1826 Elder Gilbert Beebe was chosen, and held the position of pastor almost fifty-five years. Elder Amos Harding was another early minister in this church.

In about the year 1800 the first church house was built, called Deer-Park, very near the line between Orange and Sullivan counties, and what is now the towns of Mount Hope and Mamakating. This was a frame house built in the ancient style with galleries on three sides, and a capacity to seat from 300 to 400 persons. A new frame house was erected by the church, near the site of the old one, about 1855, of the same capacity. In the rear and east side of the church there is a large cemetery in which many of the first settlers of the vicinity are buried. The name of the church was changed to New Vernon in 1826.


Beakes, Beebe, Benedict, Beyea, Burritt, Collard, Conklin, Corwin, Harding, Hoyt, Jenkins, King, Manning, Mapes, Montanye, Seybolt, Wheat (very incomplete list due to the records not yet being obtained by us).

LIBERTY (1811)

Elder Abiah Worden and Bro. William Lare were members of this church. Other names have not yet been compiled.


Elder Henry Hait and Bro. William Hait were among the members of this church. Other names have not yet been compiled.

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