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Turkey-Foot Church (more commonly known as Jersey) was organized on Wednesday, August 14, 1775, at the home of Moses Hall, with eighteen charter members, viz., Robert Colburn, Jacob Rush, David Rush, John Rush, John King, Benjamin Leonard, James Mitchell, Willets Skinner, Nicolas Hartzell, Mary Rush, Mary Coventon, Mary Rush, Margaret Rush, Lucia Jones, Elizabeth Mountain, Sarah Skinner, Frankey Ketchem, and Rebecca King. The ministers forming the presbytery were Elders John Corbley and Isaac Sutton. In 1776 this church became a constituent part of the Redstone Baptist Association.

The first meeting house was built in January 1788. It was a two story log structure, with a gallery, and was used as a church, school, and for a time even as a blockhouse.

Elders John Corbley and Isaac Sutton continued to serve the church for a few years. Robert Colborn was ordained in 1796. In 1799, Nathaniel Skinner Jr. was ordained to the ministry. Succeeding pastors included John Cox (1817); James Fry (1820); William French (1826); John Thomas (1832), and others.


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