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Alger, Bailey, Becker, Bellinger, Borthwick, Cline, Cook, Cooper, Cross, Denton, Dittmar, Golding, Goodrich, Hagadone, Hocking, Hutchins, McIntyre, Smith, Stevens, Townsend, Winchell, Zeah (very incomplete list due to records not being available to us).


The Jefferson Church was organized at the home of Elam Northrup in the town of Jefferson, on the 26th of September, 1805. The presbytery and council was composed of Elder Warner Lake, Elisha Sheldon, and Samuel Grinell of the church of Courtright, Elder Miah French, Thomas Hudson, Charles Rounds, and Joshua Woodworth, of the church of Worcester, Elder Levi Streeter, Edmund Richmond, and John Hicks, of the church of Bristol.

The church withdrew from the modern mission arminian movement in November 1842.


Durfey, Dyer, Hicks, Ingals, Mead (very incomplete list due to loss of records).



Borst, Gass, Guernsey, Kinney, Livingston, Miers, Porter (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


The following letter from Elder Samuel Hare relates the workings of the New School in their attempt to overthrow this church. "ELDER BEEBE:- The church here is endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace. I preach for them one half the time, and have baptized into their fellowship six members within a few months. The Second Baptist church at Sloanville, Scoharie, in connection with the First Church in Schoharie, have agreed to have a general meeting, on the first Wednesday and Thursday in June, next, at Sloanville. You are requested to give notice of the same in the Signs. The editor of the Advocate and Monitor is also requested to notify of it. We earnestly request the attendance of Old School ministers and brethren. We believe the promise of God that he would shake heaven, also has been experienced by many within a few years, and especially by us at Sloanville. Some six or seven years ago, a plan was matured in Hamilton Seminary, by some boys who had gone from Charleston, and others, to come and have a protracted meeting within the bounds of Charleston and Sloanville churches. The object, which was afterwards manifest, was to produce an excitement; effect a change of sentiment; turn away the old ministers; establish themselves in their place for a living, and effect an entire change in our affairs to their advantage. Here the trouble began; an excitement was soon produced; another gospel was preached and sounded loud and long; converts were multiplied; a demand was soon made for me to leave the church and for another to take my place. My brethren with whom I had lived in fellowship in the bonds of the gospel for years, who had not entered into the jocky plan, were not willing to make the swap. The war waxed hotter and hotter; the weapon used on our part, we believe, was the sword of the Spirit. The enemy, aware of their inability to stand before such a weapon, went down to Egypt for help; they obtained a very flattering council, which after some deliberation, agreed about as follows: "That the new party was to blame, much to blame, for finding fault with the doctrine that was preached, and for turning against the old members of the church, and for their unruly and wicked conduct, which was very notorious; and we were to blame for not getting a new minister when so many wanted one, and we must now grant their request." Another circumstance that obstructed our progress was, they book advantage of the old age and infirmity of Elder Herrick, by whom many of our brethren had been baptized, and lived for years in fellowship. They told him they believed the same doctrine he did; believed the articles of faith - they only wanted a new minister. Our brethren thought much of Elder Herrick, and when he got before them, in the way, they hated to run over him. But time would fail us to be at all definite in telling you of all our battles and conflicts. Suffice it to say, when we had not had a communion for more than a year, nearly two years now, about twenty of us agreed to begin our march to search up the old paths, and walk in them, with as many as were willilng to be governed by the gospel, believing and preaching nothing without a "Thus saith the Lord." As we began our march, others began to fall in: we now number about forty. We have suffered all the reproach and calumny that the New School witches and Babylonish soothsayers could invent; but we feel to say, None of these things move us. We think we can say when we look back, that we cvan see the good hand of God upon us in removing the things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things that cannot be shaken may remain. We think there never has been as heart-felt union and fellowship in the church before, as at present. But we are represented as a poor, deluded set, having ruined ourselves by separating from them, and the great body, &c. And if Elder Hare should go away, it is said the church would fall to rise no more; but we believe the Lord has reserved more than seven thousand who have not bowed to the image of Baal. We hope Old School brethren in the ministry, especially, will visit us, Elders David Mead and A. A. Cole, in particular, with whom we are acquainted; and if they cannot, we wish they would send us a line. Sloanville is thirty miles from Albany, on the great western turnpike; twelve miles from the canal, Spraker's Bason. Should any come from the east, let them enquire for Deacon Elijah Kimball; or from the north, for Deacon Moses Pierson. Done by order of the two churches. Yours in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, SAMUEL HARE. Central Bridge, Schoharie Co., N. Y., Feb. 11, 1843."




Bassett, Clark, Cole, Haviland, Roe, Weed (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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