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Agreeably to previous appointment a council of brethren, viz., Elders Amos Harding, William House, Gabriel Conklin, Gilbert Beebe, and Deacon G. Doland met with the brethren at Blakely, Luzerne Co., invited for the purpose of constituting a church on the ancient apostolic ground, and by this course bearing their united testimony against the corruptions and innovations which have been brought into the Abington Association, within the last ten or fifteen years, had called for and obtained a letter of dismission (for the above named purpose) from the Baptist Church of Greenfield. The advisory council having examined into the standing of these brethren, and being fully satisfied with their soundness of faith and correctness of practice, gave them fellowship as a Regular (Old School) Baptist Church of Christ, in Providence, Luzerne Co., Pa. This church after organizing by the election of deacons, clerk, &c., unanimously called Elder William House, late pastor of Greenfield Church, to the pastoral charge, which call he accepted, and handing in his letter, and commendation from Greenfield church, was immediately recognized as the pastor of the newly constituted church. This infant church was composed of about forty members, principally old and well established members.

Greenfield & Clifford Church was organized on the last Friday in August, 1836, at a schoolhouse near Bro. Wilmut Vail's home in Greenfield, by Elders Gabriel Conklin, Harding, and House, with a number of brethren from Providence and Abington Churches, who met and organized them into a church.

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