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Rock Springs Church, in Fulton township, was organized as a branch of the church Little Britain, in 1806, with seven charter members, viz., Nathaniel Jenkins, Rebecca Jenkins, Sarah Jenkins, Robert Hannah, Martha Low, Martha Hannah, and Hannah Jenkins. Ministers present were Gideon Ferrell, pastor at Welsh Tract, and Jethro Johnson of London Tract. The mother church was London Tract of Chester County. This branch of the church was set apart from the mother church on August 30, 1812.

The early history of the area shows that in the year 1766, David Jenkins purchased and removed to a tract of land near a place by the name of Rock Springs. He and his wife, Martha, members of the church at Vincent, were visited by number of the ministering brethren previous to the commencement of the American Revolution. The first of these ministers was Thomas Davis. He was followed by John Davis, Benjamin Miller, Isaac Still, Richard Majors, John Sutton, Joseph Powell and James Sutton. Then at a later date, other ministers who visited the families there, were Abel Griffith, Joshua Vaughn and Jethro Johnon.

Pastors of Rock Springs Church have included Elders Jethro Johnson, Charles Moore, Thomas Poteet, Thomas Barton, William Grafton, John G. Eubanks, Douglass L. Topping, and John D. Wood.

The church building was erected in 1808. It is located near a geological freak known as the Rock of Seven Springs, the waters of which are said to flow from seven different openings in a single rock. Legend has it that the Indians believed the water from each of the rock's seven crevices cured a different ailment. A village, a school, a hotel, and the church, all derived their names from these rock spring.


Anderson, Conner, Farmer, Freestone, Gregg, Griest, Hannah, Huff, Jackson, Jenkins, King, Lowe, Mackey, Osborne, Rakes, Reynolds, Rowland, Scott, Stuart, Thomas, Weaver, Whippe, Wicks.

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