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Laurel (Creek) Church was organized in November 1802, in the vicinity of South Perry. Elder Benjamin Cave served as moderator of the presbytery and George White served as clerk.

The first church building was a log structure. The second building, erected in 1838, was located about two hundred yards southwest of the first. A third building was erected in 1905 on the same site as the second. The land for the site was given by George White Jr. and his wife Susannah Bibler White, to the trustees of the church, in June 1831.

Among the first members of Laurel Church were: Benjamin Barnett, Elizabeth Barnett, John Mount, Delilah Stump, Thomas Gumstock, Nancy Campbell, Isaac Bushee, Mary White, George White, Margaret Bushee, Barbara Moss, Judy Steele, Sallie Beery, Kate Gumstock, Nancy Davis, Sally Mount, Millie Rayburn, Nancy Fox, and Kissie Fox. Later family names included Friend, Bailor, Notestone, Goss, Beaver, Hartsough, and others.

Pastors who served Laurel Church included Elders James Beery (1804-1828); Benjamin Cave (1832-1835); John Barker (1835-1839); Jesse Stith (1839-1842); Martin Beavers (1842-1855); Elder Johnson; George N. Tussing (1855-1867), Thomas Martin (1858-1863); G. N. Tussing (1858-1863); D. G. Barker (1867-1881); Thomas Cole (1881-1888); G. N. Tussing (1888-1904); T. C. Williams (1906-1911); E. A. Hutchison (1912-1914); C. P. Ballard (1914-1916); Gale Hanover.


Bailor, Barnett, Beery, Bingham, Bushee, Campbell, Dumm, Durant, Fox, Gumstock, Harsh, Hartsough, Martin, Morris, Moss, Mount, Notestone, Rayburn, Rizer, Schaal, Steele, Stump, Swackhammer, Todd, Updike, White (very incomplete list due to loss of records).



Barker, Clark, Cotterman, Davis, Frantz, Funk, Hansel, Harsh, Krumm, Newman, Nixon, Parker, Plenkharps, Prior, Robinson, Rose, Schoal, Snider, Snyder, Strawn (very incomplete list due to not having a copy of the records).


Laurelville Church was organized March 12, 1883, at Laurelville, with five charter members, viz., Allen Strous, Mary Strous, Alexander Martin, Elizabeth Martin, and Sarah Hoy. The presbytery was composed of Elders J. C. Reed, George Waddle, G. D. Bartley, and other brethren from nearby sister churches.


Barclay, Denton, Haynes, Hoy, Martin, McDonald, Ross, Strous (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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