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Van Buren Church was organized in Portage township, at the Merryman Price cabin on Ten Mile Creek, in Findlay, on Saturday, May 30, 1835, with ten charter members, viz., James Kelley, Esther Kelley, William Marvin, Mabel Marvin, Matthias Marvin, Amy Marvin, Price Blackford, Abigail Blackford, Anne Wilson, and Emily Adams. On the following day, Elder Noah Wilson joined by letter. Elder Wilson was chosen as the first pastor. The church was originally known as the Findlay Church, and met at various places, including members' homes, the Court House in Findlay, and a meeting house at Bro. William Davis'. Among the early ministers who labored here were Elders William Marvin, Lewis Seitz, Pearson Holden, and Asa Ellis. More recently, Elders Adam F. Dove, George Bretz, Levi Hite, E. L. Kinter, Daily Hite, Ivan Hindall, Durward Edwards, and Tom Pitney.

In 1861, the name was changed from Findlay Church to Van Buren, the church having located in the town of Van Buren. This church has been a member of the Sandusky Association since 1836. The building has a dining area and rest rooms that were added in recent years.


(We have a copy of the early records of this church but have not yet compiled a complete list of members).


In November 1835 the Findlay Church received a request from brethren to organize a church in Portage township, at the home of Bro. Henry Rose.


Eagle Creek Church, in Hancock County, Ohio, was organized June 18, 1836, by Elder James Peters, with six charter members, viz., Ezekiel Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, Abraham Bibler, Elizabeth Bibler, Rebecca Newell, and John Bibler. They adopted the Articles of Faith of Buck Run Church.

The church united with the Sandusky Association in 1838. The church met in homes, schools, and other such places for a few years, until about 1868 or 1869, when they build a meeting house at the present site. In 1905 this house was repaired and new seats were installed, and in 1930 electric lights were installed.

Pastors of the church have included Elders James Peters, Acy Ellis, Lewis Seitz Jr., Levi Sherwood, John Vanhorn, M. B. Smith, J. B. Smith, William Lippincott, J. H. Bibler, L. E. Thomas, W. H. Crouse, George A. Bretz, Levi V. Hite, C. F. Stuckey, J. Harvey Daily, Hugh Williams, J. W. Skinner, and others. Deacons have included John Longworth, David Bibler, Nathaniel Maine, Peter Line, B. G. Bibler, Marion Beagle, Ellis Bibler, Jess C. Williams, and others (later).


Agin, Altman, Arthur, Ballard, Bare, Beagle, Bibler, Bishop, Blackford, Blake, Brauneller, Burns, Butler, Carsey, Clevenger, Coffman, Cole, Conaway, Crouse, Decker, Delano, Donaldson, Dreisbaugh, Eche, Farmer, Farthing, Feasel, Fellers, Folk, Foltz, Good, Habagger, Hanover, Hartman, Himrod, Hindall, Hissong, Hite, Hostler, Hoy, Jenkins, Kahler, Kistler, Krouse, Lanning, Line, Longwith, Main, Marvin, McAnelly, McCann, McClelland, McEden, McNelson, Miers, Monroe, Moore, Morrison, Myers, Nesler, Newell, Nines, Oakes, Orwick, Peterman, Peters, Ralson, Sarber, Saul, Scothorn, Shafer, Shuck, Slane, Smith, Thomas, Treece, Tusing, Uhler, Wall, Waltermire, Walters, Ward, Wentling, Whitman, Williams, Williamson, Winover.


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