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Columbia Church (later called Duck Creek), was the first church of any denomination organized in Ohio, or in the Northwest Territory. It was constituted on January 20, 1790, in the cabin of Benjamin Davis. The original members were Benjamin Davis, Mary Davis, John Ferris, Elizabeth Ferris, Isaac Ferris (deacon), Joseph Reynolds, Amy Reynolds, John Stites Gano, and Thomas C. Wade. The next day, Elijah Stites and his wife, Rhoda Brown Stites were the first persons to join the church, and were baptized by Elder Stephen Gano, January 21, 1790. Daniel Clark (not yet ordained) served the church as pastor until Elder John Smith's arrival in May 1791, and then continued as assistant pastor. In 1791 the Columbia Church united with the Elkhorn Association of Kentucky. The church soon began construction of a two-story meeting house, with the upper story used as a gallery (like the New England meeting houses).


Davis, Ferris, Gano, Reynolds, Stites, Wade (very incomplete list).



Carpenter's Run (Sycamore) Church was organized on June 17, 1797, with five charter members, viz., Richard Ayres, Mary Ayres, Morris Osborn, Esther Morris, and Sarah Brown. The presbytery was composed of Elders John Smith and Peter Smith.


Anthony, Ayres, Boman, Bowers, Branaw, Brand, Brown, Bunnell, Burge, Burns, Burrows, Buxton, Carpenter, Crain, Delow, Denman, Devie, Digby, Duskey, Eldridge, Ferris, Gard, George, German, Gerrard, Goble, Griffith, Hagerty, Handley, Hervey, Higgins, Hilderbrand, Homan, Hosbrook, Hutchings, Johnson, Jones, Knots, Larew, Lee, Lewis, Lyons, Lucas, McLaughlin, McLauling, Mackey, Malden, Marsh, Martin, Megie, Merry, Mitchell, Moland, Morris, Orsbrooks, Osborn, Patterson, Pearce, Pickelheimer, Radleigh, Ramsey, Ringlesby, Schenk, Seward, Sipe, Skilman, Terry, Thompson, Tucker, Withern, Willis, Winans, Wooly.



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