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Middle Run Church was organized July 27, 1799, by Elders Daniel Clark and James Lee. The charter members were William Birt, Elizabeth Birt, John Buckles, Mary Buckles, Sarah Buckles, and William Buckles. Daniel Wilson and Mary McGrew were then received by experience and baptism. Elder Daniel Clark was pastor for about four years. In 1802 Elder Joshua Carman was invited to preach one Sabbath in each month, which he did, with Elder Clark, until 1805. In 1805 Elder John Mason was called in connection with Elder Carman. In 1824 Elder Hezekiah Stites was called as pastor. In 1852 Elder Samuel Williams was called. In 1856 Elder Benjamin Lampton was called as pastor, and served for three years. Elder Stephen Smith was then called, and served until 1862, when Elder Samuel Williams was again called. In 1865 Elder Andrew Hite was called. Elder Samuel Williams served again from 1868 until 1873. Elder Lampton served again from 1873 until 1879. Elder Charles M. Reed was then called and served four years. Elder Corwin Reed was chosen and served sixteen years. He was followed by Elders W. L. Gaines, George A. Bretz, C. W. Radcliff, C. P. Ballard, T. W. Osborne, and William Shockley.

After the original log building, a small brick building was constructed. The third (present) building was erected in 1856.


Bergdall, Birt, Buckles, Chenoweth, Collins, Davis, Evans, Fox, Hartsock, Hess, Hughes, James, John, McGrew, Oseit, Rye, Scott, Seamon, Shambaugh, Smith, Stiles, Stratton, Thomas, Weaver, Williams, Wilson (very incomplete list - more will be added later).



Caesar's Creek Church was organized on the fourth Saturday in April, 1813. It was located a few miles southwest of Jamestown, Greene County, Ohio. The first church building was a log structure located on Caesars Creek on the road between Patterson's crossing and New Jasper. The membership list for 1820 included Abraham Lucas, Masses (sic. Marcy) Kelsey Lucas, Michael Mann, Sally Lucas Copeland, Mellisant Hoblet, Barber Hoblet, David Hoblet, John Hoblet, William Copeland, John Turner, Solomon Wood, Joseph Lucas, Peter P. Lucas, Thomas Lucas, and John Lucas.

Because of the distance Abraham Lucas and his neighbors living on Anderson's Fork had to travel to attend meetings at the Caesars Creek Church, agitation began to form a new Baptist congregation closer to home. Indian Run Church was organized by members dismissed from Caesars Creek, on the 4th Lord's day in July 1822.


The 26 members of Caesars Creek Church dismissed in 1822 to form a church on Anderson's Fork were: (men) Abraham Lucas, Michael Mann, Philip Stevens, Solomon Wood, Lewis Chance, John Turner, Ebenezer Perry, James William Wilson, Peter P. Lucas, Joseph Lucas, Thomas Lucas, Samuel Nives, and William Copeland; (women) Sarah Lucas Copeland, Elizabeth Chance, Massy Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Rachel Perry, Mary Lee, Elizabeth Mann, Margaret Smith, Mary Turner, Sarah Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Phebe Lucas Wood, and Elizabeth Stanberry. The new church was organized as the Regular Baptist Church of Indian Run. On 1 Aug 1822 John Hamer and wife Christena deeded one acre of land to Joseph Lucas, Michael Mann, and William Copeland as trustees of the church. The new church was located in Jefferson Twp., Greene, Ohio, at the present location of the Cline Cemetery about 3 miles west of Bowersville.

Following mass migration of its members to Illinois in the mid 1820's, the Indian Run Church was disbanded, and the following 10 remaining members were accepted back into Caesars Creek Church: William Copeland and wife, John Hoblit and wife, Thomas Lucas and wife, John Copeland and wife, Joel Rely, and Rachel Perry. Several of these persons also departed shortly for Illinois. See Logan County, Illinois.


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