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Paint Creek Church was organized in 1818, in Wayne township, Fayette County, Ohio. The records of the church were destroyed by fire in 1854, but a Fayette County history states

This church was raised through the labors of Elders Snelson, Nathan Cory, and Peter Sperry, who preached to the few scattered Baptists in this area and gathered them into a church.

About the year 1828 a meeting house was built about two miles northwest of where Good Hope now stands, and near Paint Creek.

Elder Hiram Burnett was the first pastor, and soon afterward Elder John B. Moore was chosen as assistant. About this time Elder Burnett led about one-third of the members off into the new so-called benevolent institutions of the day, and Elder Moore continued to stand in the old paths and his labors were blessed. The Paint Creek Church joined the Scioto Association after a few years, and entertained the association as early as 1840. In about 1867 Elders A. J. Yeoman and Joseph Parker were pastors of the church, and there was some disturbance in the church over slavery. A few years before this, the church had erected a new meeting house about one-half mile north of the first building, at the village of Rockville. Here Paint Creek Church met for more than sixty years.

Among the ministers who were ordained by this church were Elders Walter Yeoman (December 1869), J. W. Hoppes (May 1881), and George Waddle (July 1881). Members were dismissed from this church in December 1881 to organize the Mt. Oak Church. In September 1887, letters were granted to several members to organize Mt. Pleasant Church in the Waddle neighborhood. In May 1889 members were again dismissed to organize Harmony Church, three miles north of Washington Court House, Ohio.

Elders J. W. Hoppes and George Waddle served the church as pastor jointly from February 1883 until October 1907.


Flee, Hendrickson, Hoppes, Huchison, Lahman, Parker, Recobs, Snyder, Waddle, Yeoman (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


Harmony Church, north of Washington Court House, Ohio, was organized on Saturday before the first Sunday in July 1889, at a nearby school building, by members who were dismissed from Paint Creek, Bethel, and Richard's Run Churches for that purpose, viz., A. J. Yeoman, Amanda Yeoman, J. H. Hoppes, Russia Hoppes, James M. Huchison, Francis Huchison, Geneva Recobs, Amy A. Yeoman, Samantha Hendrickson, Matilda Flee, Henry Snyder, and Barbara Swartz. The presbytery was composed of Elders Walter Yeoman (moderator), J. W. Hoppes, and George Waddle. Elders Walter Yeoman and J. W. Hoppes were chosen pastors alternately for one year. The church immediately set to work to build a meeting house, which was completed by the first Sunday in October 1889. Pastors have included: Elders Walter Yeoman and J. W. Hoppes (from 1889 to 1890); T. C. Williams and Jasper Reed (1890 to 1891); Elder T. C. Williams (1891 until December 1902); Elders Walter Yeoman and R. W. Peters (1903-1906); Elder Walter Yeoman alone from 1907 until 1916; Elders Walter Yeoman and J. W. Hoppes (1916 until 1929). Elder Gale F. Hanover was called as assistant in 1929, and was chosen pastor in 1931 and served until 1935. Elder Corvin Dove was then called. In May 1911 Elders M. O. Curp and Eldon A. Huchison were ordained to the ministry by this church.


Bennett, Coe, Cory, Curp, Flee, French, Griffith, Hendrickson, Hoppes, Huchison, McCurdy, McKinley, Peters, Recobs, Rees, Scott, Schultz, Snyder, Swartz, Williams, Yeoman (very incomplete list due to lack of records).


Mt. Oak Church was organized in 1881, and joined the association in 1886. This church dissolved in 1917, after its building was destroyed by a tornado in March 1917.


Coe, Edwards, French, Gordon, Schultz, Smith, Yeoman, Young (very incomplete list due to lack of records).


Mt. Pleasant Church was organized in 1887, by members dismissed from Paint Creek Church, viz., William Waddle, Dorcas Waddle, J. W. Hoppes, Anna Hoppes. This church joined the Scioto Association in 1888.


Hoppes, Waddle (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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