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The Southampton Church was constituted on April 8, 1746, with 46 charter members, who were dismissed for that purpose from from Pennypack Church, near Philadelphia. They were: Elizabeth Baldwin, Elizabeth Hellings, Rebeckah Humphrys, Mary Newman, Ann Potts, Elizabeth Morford, Sarah Hufty, Eleanor Hart, Elizabeth Yerkes, Elizabeth Watts, Sarah Shaw, Mary Dungan, Grace Morgan, Sarah Murray, Esther Banes, Mary Jones, Mary Gilbert, Elizabeth Hart, Jane Yerkes, Susannah Thomas, John Harrison, John Shaw, John Jones, Clement Dungan, David Dungan, James Dungan, David Rees, Joseph Banes, John Gilbert, Joseph Hart, Isaac Eaton, Silas Yerkes, Oliver Hart, Thomas Dungan, Jeremiah Dungan, Thomas Potts, Nicholas Gilbert, Robert Parsons, Samuel Gilbert, John Hart, Thomas Dungan Jr., Stephen Watts, Joshua Potts, John Eaton, Randal Morgan, and John Morford.

Services had been held for many years by members who had settled in and around Southampton, and they had been holding monthly meetings in the homes of Peter Chamberlain and John Morris. The latter finally gave them a small plantation for the use of the church, and another piece of land for a burying place and to build a meeting house upon. The meeting house was built in 1746, and contains large balconies. The building is a historic site, and there is a large cemetery adjacent.

Some of the pastors were as follows: Elders Thomas B. Montanye, Jenkin Jones, Joshua Potts, Thomas Davis, Samuel Jones, Erasmus Kelly, William Vanhorn, David Jones, Thomas Messenger, James B. Bowen, Wiliam J. Purington, and Silas H. Durand (these were the names up to about 1890).

Southampton Church was for many years a member of the Philadelphia Association, and later went into the organization of the Delaware Association.



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