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Wysox Church was organized in about 1812, by Elder D. Dimock. Thomas B. Beebe, a licentiate, took charge of the church until the arrival of Elder Hezekiah West, who served from about 1814 until his death about thirty years later. In 1820, this church united with the Chemung Association, at which time its name was "Orwell & Ulster." It remained with the Old School in the division of 1835.


Springfield Church was organized in January 1820, at the home of Major John Parkhurst, with eighteen members, formerly of Smithfield Church. They joined the Chemung Association in 1821, with 21 members. This church was divided by the modern mission system in 1835.


First Warren Church was organized July 17, 1821, and joined the Chemung Association that fall, with 21 members, Livingston Jenks and Nathan Brown being the messengers. In 1823 Elder John Sawyer was the pastor, and in 1830, Jirah Bryan. Other messengers included Walter Brown, Whitman Woodburn, and Renssalaer Jenks.



The Columbia and Wells Church was organized at the home of James Seely in 1821, with 52 members dismissed from Columbia Church. It joined the Chemung Association the same year. The division over missions, in 1834-1835, hurt this church badly.



Asylum Church was organized October 10, 1821, by a council representing the churches of Braintrim, Windham, Orwell & Ulster, and Smithfield, of which Elder Thomas B. Beebe was chosen moderator. Elder Hezekiah West preached the sermon. Asylum Church joined the Chemung Association in 1822, with 30 members, Benjamin Moody being the messenger. Other members were of the Terry, La Porte, Horton, and Chamberlain families. Elder West became the pastor and served until his death in 1847. After his death, Elder Ebenezer Terry ministered to the church until his removal to Illinois. He was followed by Elder Chester Schoonover, and later by Elder S. H. Durand. For many years the church worshipped alternately at Terrytown and Vaughan Hill, but after building a commodious house at the latter place, their meetings became fixed there.


This Church, known by the above names at various times, was organized June 24, 1824, principally by members of the Smithfield Church, at the home of Joseph Smith. They joined the Chemung Association, but the church divided over missions before 1835.


The Baptist Church of Christ at Grover, was organized in 1872, under the supervision of Elder S. H. Durand. The charter members were Edward Vermilya, David T. Scudder, Lewis Garrison, Luther Bellows and wife, Mary E. Knapp, Maria Kelley, Anna Shaddock, Lurinda Wright, Meriett Dickerson, and Anna Williams. The church soon grew to 22 members.

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