Church and Family History Research Assistance for
Primitive Baptist Churches in the State of Connecticut

We have not researched the historical accuracy of all of these churches, nor can we vouch for their soundness in the principles of the Baptist faith, nor can we confirm the order of their constitutions, validity of baptisms, etc.


GROTON (1705)

"The first church organized in the colony was planted at Groton in 1705, by Elder Valentine Wightman. The second was organized at Waterford, then a part of New London, about the year 1710. The third was gathered at Wallingford, in 1735, with Elder Timothy Waters as pastor, who was succeeded by Elder John Merriman. Three were established in 1743: one in Stonington, one in Lyne, and one in Colchester. A seventh was gathered at Saybrook in 1744." - History of the Baptists, by John Christian.


Elder Gilbert Beebe united with this church in 1811 and was baptized by the pastor, Elder John Sterry.


The Old School Baptist Church at Montvill, was meeting in a hall, at the time of the ordination of Elder Jedediah R. Gay, M. D., to the work of the ministry, which took place on Wednesday, February 2, 1848. Elders Philander Hartwell (Warwick Church, NY), Gilbert Beebe (New Vernon Church, NY), and deacon James Brook, composed the presbytery.

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