We are interested in obtaining Primitive Baptist Association minutes for the current year, and also previous years for all parts of the United States.

We are interested in adding the following material to our permanent collection:

1st, 2nd and 3rd editions of the Old School Church Hymnal, by Elder Lee Hanks and Z. Hull (later published by Elder J. A. Monsees)
Death in Adam - Life in Christ, by Elder David Bartley
Ruth the Moabitess by Elder T. J. Bazemore of Georgia
Portraits of Primitive Baptist Ministers, by Elder J. G. Webb
A pamphlet titled "A Salaried Ministry" by Elder Peter Branstetter.
A pamphlet entitled: Walking About Zion, by Elder Isaac N. Vanmeter, 1870, Macomb, Ill.
Pocket Hymns, 1867, by Elder Isaac N. Vanmeter

We have our collection of periodicals catalogued in our computers, so we can readily check whether we are lacking any given issue. We want to complete our holdings for all the various Primitive Baptist periodicals. Some of those which are not complete include: Zion's Landmarks, Signs of the Times, Primitive Monitor, Messenger of Peace, Zion's Advocate, and the Christian Pathway.

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