Religious Discussion between Elder Richard M. Newport and Elder W. C. Buck

New Harmony, Posey Co., Indiana, October 1, 1839.

"I am informed that Elder Newport had a discussion with Mr. W. C. Buck, of Louisville, Ky., on the subject of the Missionary operations and kindred institutions. In the time of said discussion, as I am informed, Elder Newport when showing the malconduct of some persons engaged in said benevolent institutions (as commonly called) had reference to a certain Mr. Fairfield that was engaged by the Bible Society for the purpose of distributing Bibles in Posey Co., Indiana, when Bro. Newport gave the particulars of the case as well as he could recollect; Mr. Buck got up and contradicted him, and most positively declared it was not so; and Brother Newport pledged himself to give the certificate relative to the affair to Mr. Buck; which as I am informed, he has requested him to have published in the "Banner" at Louisville, all the particulars of said certificate I do not now recollect; but for the satisfaction of any that might wish information on the subject, I presume they can have it either by calling on Bro. Newport, or Brother Jeremiah Cash. I thought it was proper to give this intelligence to the public, that they might know that Brother Newport has not fabricated the story. Fairfield professed to be a Baptist preacher from the State of Ohio. I know him, for he called on me several times while he was in the county. The way the certificate was got, relative to the matter, Bro. Cash had a debate with him on some subject - I think, something relative to the Bible Society. Brother Cash having heard something of his conduct relative to his making a present of a Bible, to a poor widow at Mt. Vernon, who made her living by washing; and said Fairfield having had information relative to the woman's calling, took his clothes to her to wash, and refused to pay her for them because he had given her a Bible. When Bro. Cash told him of this circumstance, he denied the fact, which gave Bro. Cash occasion to prove it. She is a woman of respectable character; and the fact is known to many others also." - written by Elder Peter Saltzman. Signs of the Times, 1839.

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