The Debate at Lebanon, Ohio, and Meetings at some Churches in that State.

Zion's Advocate, Vol. 14, No. 12, pp. 177-178. Front Royal, Warren Co., Virginia, Nov. 16, 1874.

NOTES OF OUR TOUR TO THE WEST, by Elder John Clark, editor.

We left Washington City on the 19th of October, and should have reached Lebanon early on Tuesday, according to schedule time, but owing to a detention of three hours or more on the road east of Newark, by a broken down freight train, and then missing connection at Columbus for Cincinnati, we did not reach Lebanon until Tuesday night; consequently, we did not hear the first day's discussion, as it commenced on Tuesday at 10 o'clock, a.m. The parties to the debate were "Rev. Dr. S. P. CARLTON," of Pittsburg, Pa., and Elder BENJAMIN LAMPTON, of Kentucky. The first and second days' discussion was upon the question - "Do the Scriptures teach that any of our race will suffer endless punishment?" LAMPTON affirmed, CARLTON denied. The third and fourth days the question was, "Do the Scriptures teach the final holiness and endless happiness of all mankind?" CARLTON affirmed, LAMPTON denied. Elder WILLIAM DODD and "REV. MR. McCLAIN" were the Moderators, and on the third and fourth days Mr. BENJAMIN STOKES was associated with them as Presiding Moderator, or Umpire. DR. CARLTON shewed himself a skillful debater and wiley adversary and did as well as any could have done with a bad cause, and in support of an error or false doctrine. He had been previously engaged in thirty odd debates with different persons upon the same questions, substantially, that were discussed at Lebanon. The parties to the discussion occupied each thirty minutes, and had two rounds each, commencing at 10 o'clock a.m., and 2 p.m., of each day. We preached on Wednesday night and Brother Lampton on Thursday night. The Doctor introduced, on two occasions, some points of doctrine we maintained at the meeting on Wednesday night, and thought he could make a point in his theory by quoting us as saying that "Saul of Tarsus was an incarnate devil;" for, if God would save one such man he would, consequently, save all such. Upon the doctrine of election, however, which we maintained, he unequivocally demurred. We found it necessary, in attending nearly all the time for the last three days of the debate, to summon all the endurance and patience we could command to listen for an average of two hours each day to such stuff, such abominable doctrines as the "REV. DR. CARLTON" advocated during those days; but yet the scene was occasionally changed by some new and amusing things introduced by him. His doctrine or theory of the original creation of man was not only noval, but well calculated to excite the merriment of his auditory. He told us that God first made the spirits of the two men, male and female, and then made a male man and a female man for those spirits to dwell in! He advocated progression not only in time, but after death; but, being hard pressed by his opponent on the interpretation of his favorite texts of the Scriptures, he was found admitting what he previously denied, and surrendered position after position as they were stormed by the artillery of truth which God enabled Brother Lampton to hurl against his works of sand, and this was evinced by his failure to answer pointed questions upon scriptural declarations which brother Lampton kept pressing upon him in every speech he made.

The result of the discussion, when it closed on Friday evening, was a decided and manifest triumph of truth over error, and could be seen in the countenances of the friends of truth, in their congratulations and rejoicing, and also in the downcast mein and gloom which was visible in the countenances of those who sympathized with DR. CARLTON in his struggle, and, like the ancient Philistines, "when they saw their champion was dead, they fled."

A few reflections upon this subject in its general aspect. When the Jews conspired against Christ, and Satan prepared Judas for his work, the disciples told him that there were two swords, and the Master said, "It is enough;" and when one of the disciples cut off the right ear of the servant of the High Priest with a sword, he said, "Suffer ye thus far," and we would kindly suggest to our brethren everywhere that we have had enough of such controversy. In abounding in the work of the Lord, in the ministry of the Word, the Sword of the Spirit is drawn against every false way, and even when particular heresies are not named, THE TRUTH AS IT IS IN JESUS is a decided testimony against it. Such disputations and controversies, if pressed beyond the limits of prudence and christian propriety, become vain jangling, and are unprofitable. Certainly there cannot arise in the case of the discussion at Lebanon any necessity for Brother Lampton to engage with Dr. Carlton again, or any one else, on those points, without an implied admission that the work was not effectually done at Lebanon. Our view is, that that was enough, and we are willing to suffer, or allow, that far, what is well done need not be repeated.

There were a good many brethren and sisters from a distance at Lebanon during the debate, and also a goodly number of ministers of our faith and order, and some of other denominations.

We were conveyed from Lebanon, on Friday evening, by brother Ezra Haines, of Middle Run Church, in Greene county, in company with Brother Lampton and daughter, to his hospitable domicile, and on Saturday and Sunday attended the monthly meeting at that church - Brother Lampton, Pastor. We had on a former occasion visited the brethren of this church, and we found them now the same kind, steadfast and noble brethren as heretofore. We remained for the most of the time of our sojourn among them at the house of Brother Haines. Brother Haines conveyed us on Monday to Clear Creek Church, under the pastorate of Elder Ed Stephens, of Kentucky. Brother Lampton accompanied us. The brethren and sisters of that church seemed to receive the testimony we delivered. Elders William Dodd and John A. Thompson attended at that meeting. Tuesday we preached at Centerville at 2 p.m., and Brother Lampton at night - Elder John A. Thompson, pastor. We tarried for the night with Elder William Dodd. On Wednesday we attended at Tapscott. Many brethren whom we formerly knew at this church have been called home to glory, but a few remain. We tarried for the night with brother Isaac Moses, who is known in Virginia, and is firm and steadfast in the faith. Elder Ephraim Barker is the Pastor of this church. Thursday we preached at Mount Pleasant, accompanied by Brother Lampton, which was our last meeting in Ohio. Elder David Bartker is the pastor of Mount Pleasant Church.

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