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Big Harpeth Church was constituted on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in May 1800. It was a charter member of the Cumberland Association. Elder Garner McConnico labored there from the time the church was organized until his death on August 17, 1833.

In recent years this church has gone into the liberal movement.


Wilson Creek Church was organized on the second Saturday in October, 1804, with 46 charter members, most of whom were dismissed for that purpose from Big Harpeth Church. There were 13 males, 19 females and 14 blacks. The presbytery was composed of Elders Joshua White, Ebenezer Rice, and Garner McConnico. Elder Garner McConnico, pastor at Big Harpeth, was chosen as its first pastor.

The first meeting house was a log structure. It was replaced in 1815, made of brick. This building is still in use.

Pastors have included Elders Garner McConnico (1804), George Tilman (1809), Peyton Smith (1819), A. C. Craig (1822), John Watson (1833), Phillip Ball (1842), Jesse Cox (1848), R. W. Fain (1863), B. E. Mullins (1871), J. G. Woodfin (1886), H. F. Agee (1887), J. E. Frost (1892), F. M. White (1897), W. P. Russell (1912), M. C. Johnson (1927), R. N. Graves (1933), R. H. Willis (1941), Milton Lillard (1957), H. R. White (1977), Delton Skinner (1981).


Concord Church hosted the Concord Association in 1813.

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