A Public Discussion between Elder G. M. Thompson, Primitive Baptist,
and O. A. Carr, of the Christian Church, at Middle River Church,
Calloway Co., Missouri, Tuesday, September 25, 1883.

A discussion between G. M. Thompson of the Primitive Baptist Church, and O. A. Carr, of the Christian Church, was first arranged to be held at Middle River Church, September 25, 1883, at 10 o'clock a.m. However, it was actually held in December, 1883, at Ashland, Mo. The propositions were as follows:

1st. The Holy Scriptures teach the giving of eternal or spiritual life to the sinner dead in sin, is the work of God independent of the written word or scriptures. Thompson affirms. Carr denies.

2nd. The Holy Scriptures teach that to the penitent believer baptism in water is in order to the remission of past sins. Carr affirms. Thompson denies.

Two accounts were published in the "Messenger of Peace." First,

ASHLAND, MISSOURI, Dec. 21, 1883. Dear Bro. Goodson: - The debate between Elder Carr and myself, at Ashland, closed on Thursday the 13th, and on Sunday I baptized two within a hundred yards of the house in which the debate was held, and on Thursday we received one at Goshen to be baptized at our next meeting, when we hope there will be several more. Elder Warder was with us at the debate, and preached twice in town, and two days at New Liberty, and three days at Goshen. His preaching was well received by our brethren, and I feel confident that many of the Lord's little ones were strengthened, comforted and fed by him, and will be glad to have him visit us again and preach to us Christ the truth and life; the only name given whereby we must be saved. Oh, How much we need simple plain gospel preaching, the sincere milk that will strengthen and feed the little babes in Christ. They want to hear of a Saviour who is just adapted to their lost and helpless state; one that gives life to the dead, sight to the blind, and hearing to the deaf, can reach the case of the poor sinner that is past feeling, that has no germ of spiritual life in him, is dead in sin, and without hope and God in the world. This Saviour that has power to quicken and raise up the dead, to give eternal life to as many as the Father has given him is the Saviour that the poor, dead sinner needs, and the only one that can reach his helpless case, and give him life and sensibilities by which he can hear, understand, and be comforted by the gospel. Christ is the Alpha and Omega in the salvation of sinners, and should be the beginning and the ending of every sermon. Oh, that our brethren all would, like Paul, determine to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The little lambs would be fed, the old saints would be comforted, love and fellowship would abound in our borders, and Zion would be filled with songs and rejoicing. If all would strive for the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace, and let love reign in their hearts, and lay aside all envy and evil speaking and strife, we would soon witness how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. May brotherly love continue and abound, and may the Son of righteousness arise upon us with healing in his wings.


WELLINGTON, MO., Jan. 7, 1884. DEAR BROTHER GOODSON--I attended the debate between Elder G. M. Thompson and Elder Carr, at Ashland, Mo. The debate was well attended, and a great interest seemed to be taken by the people. I believe good will grow out of it, n the town and vicinity of Ashland. Elder Thompson affirmed, "The holy scriptures teach that, giving divine or spiritual life to the sinner dead in sins, is the work of God, independent of the written word, or the scriptures. That eternal or spiritual life, is the gift of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. By dead in sin is meant separated from spiritual or divine life, so the person dead in sin is as destitute of divine life, as a person naturally dead, is of natural life, and so of all that is to be understood by dead in sin, is to show a condition in which there is no life at all, of a spiritual nature. By independent, Thompson claimed that it was without assistance or help. Elder Thompson maintained all his affirmative propositions by positive scriptures, which needed no forced construction to prove his points. Elder Carr's opposition was confined to what was said to the person already possessing the life that he was trying to prove he came in possession of, by doing what the live man was commanded to do because he had life.

Elder Thompson's closing address was received with much interest by nearly the entire audience. After the close of the debate, I visited New Liberty church, on the third Saturday and Sunday in December, in company with Elder Thompson; had a good meeting, and two additions to the church, by experience. From there we went to Goshen where we had meeting for three days; had good congregations and a warm feeling manifested. There has been large additions to this church in the last few years, and there are many of them yet who should come away from the world by obeying the word of God. There was one addition while I was there, by experience. There was a misunderstanding about the appointment at Union church. I am sorry the disappointment occurred, but I will visit them as soon as I can, and stay several days among the churches under the care of Elders Jenkins and Thompson. I will also visit some of the churches of Siloam and Two River associations as soon as I can find opportunity. Yours in hope,


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