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Brush Creek Church was constituted May 29, 1802, by Elders John Hightower and Alexander Devin, with sixteen charter members, ten males and six females. Elder Cantrel Bethel was the first pastor. This church was the mother of Round Lick, Salem, Hickman's Creek and other sister churches. In July 1838, Elder Sion Bass was chosen pastor, and in January 1839 the church divided with a large majority opposing the mission system - 119 of their 157 members stood in the old paths.


As shown in the minutes of Green River Association of 1804, Salt Lick Church joined that year. The church went into the constitution of the Stockton's Valley Association in 1805. In 1810, the church joined the Concord Association, and in 1822 joined the Salem Associaiton. Finally in November 1837 the church joined the Round Lick Associations. Salt Lick Church was served by Elder Miles West from 1812 until his death in 1845.


Hickman's Creek Church was constituted in July 1806, by members lettered out from Brush Creek Church. This church was a member of the Cumberland Association, then the Concord (in 1810), the Salem (in 1822), and finally the Round Lick Association (1837).


Knob Spring Church was constituted Decembeer 17, 1814, with fourteen members, by a presbytery consisting of Elders Thomas Durham, John Jones, and John Borum. It was located at the foot of the western slope of a very high knob and takes its name from a bold spring which bursts out from its foot. The church affiliated first with Concord, then Salem Association. It went into the mission system when the division came.


Dixon's Creek Church first met as an arm of El Bethel Curch in Sumner County, in 1799, and was constituted into an independent church on March 8, 1800. The presbytery was composed of Elders Joshua White, William Phipps, and Clifton Allen.Some of the first members came from Station Camp Creek Church in Sumner County. Dixon's Creek Church was affiliated first with Mero District, then Cumberland, Concord, and Salem Associations, and was finally led off into the new measures of the mission system.


Peyton's Creek Church was constituted on Saturday before the third Sunday in July 1812, an offspring of Hogan's Creek Church. The church first united with Concord Association in 1812, then became a constituent member of Salem Association in 1822, and was led off into the errors of the modern mission system after that date.

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