Congregational Singing, Extemporaneous Preaching,
and Family Worship

Congregational Singing of Hymns

The Primitive Baptists love to sing. Each worship service typically includes at least 30 minutes of singing of hymns of praise. But the reason we sing, from our heart, is to speak to ourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs (no other types of music are authorized in the New Testament). God has instructed that we should sing, (not have someone else sing for us), so we do not have choirs, or soloists, or programs, nor are the songs selected by only one person but by the members and friends who are present, who are free to choose the hymn which most expresses their feelings and thoughts at the moment. Some hymns are full of praise and thanksgiving to God, for His great gift of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ (most of our hymns in our hymnals are of this nature). Some express the joys and sorrows of the pilgrim's earthly journey. There are hymns to fit every part of the worship service, and all the varied experiences of God's people in life, and their hope beyond this life. What a blessing and privilege it is to sing (without concern about whether we can please the world by our ability) and make melody in our hearts to the Lord.

Extemporaneous Preaching

The minister is instructed to study the scriptures, but he is not commanded to read a five or ten minute sermon, but rather to preach in demonstration of the spirit and of power, to expound on the word of God, for the comfort and edification of the people of God. No seminary of human learning can teach a man to preach. Only God can call and give the gift of true preaching to a man. God is not in need of volunteers to this work, as He has reserved the calling of men to fill this position to Himself, and He chooses those whom men would not choose or think qualified. Jesus chose his apostles from among men, although they were "ignorant and unlearned men in the eyes of the world," and His wisdom in that choice, and His blessings of grace shone abundantly upon them, and in spite of their lack of human learning, He made them able ministers of the New Testament.

Family Worship

Nowhere in the New Testament is there any instruction for separating people into age groups when they worship. Instead, the preaching of the apostles and ministers of the apostolic day was done in the presence of entire families and households, the same message to all alike. Men who were called of God did the preaching and teaching, in the church, nor did they establish schools in which to divide different age groups or appoint teachers. The apostles plainly taught that they suffered not a woman to teach. The family unit is strengthened, the young (who it might be thought could not sit still or pay attention or listen) gain immeasurably from good Christian instruction in the home and from the kind and loving discipline (or parental control) while they are present in the assembly of the church. No preacher should complain about the noise of babies or young children, but should preach to be heard to the entire congregation, and the family unit should be encouraged by all that is done in the church.

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