History of the Red River Association, together with its actions taken against the modern mission system.

Historical Sketch

Actions Taken Against the Modern Mission System

As an illustration of the good cause among the Baptists of the Great Mississippi Valley, we copy the annexed extract from the minutes of the Red River Association (Tennessee), which were forwarded to us by Brother Fort, accompanied by the subjoined note, viz.,

"Brother Beebe:--You will confer a favor by inserting in the 'Signs of the Times,' the answer given by our association to the query from Poplar Spring Church. - JOSIAH FORT.

Extract from the Minutes:

"Resolved, unanimously, by this Association, as our candid, conscientious, and unshaken belief, founded, as we believe, upon incontrovertible testimony, drawn from the scriptures of divine truth, that every thing necessary to be attended to, either in a moral or religious point of view, is incumbent, and actually enjoined upon us by becoming members of the Baptist Church - that we believe the words of our blessed Redeemer, where he says, "My kingdom is not of this world," - that this Kingdom was set up by the God of Heaven - that it is an everlasting Kingdom, which shall never be destroyed - that this Kingdom shall not be left to other people; but shall break in pieces and consume all other kingdoms and shall stand forever; and that God will accomplish his eternal purposes by means of his own appointment, independent of the inventions of man. Therefore we are entirely opposed in principle to all the societies, and benevolent institutions of the day, and believe that no Baptists should be found arrayed under the standard of any such; and considering that all Baptists who join any such, or any other society besides the Baptist Church, are in an error, and have become wise above that which is written; we hereby DECLARE A NON-FELLOWSHIP FOR ALL SUCH.

2d. Resolved, that we advise the Churches composing our body, to act in accordance with the foregoing resolution."


This Association held her 28th anniversary with the Church at Sulpher-Fork, on the 9th, 10th, and 11th days of August last. This is a small Association embracing 14 churches, 503 members, and 7 ordained preachers.

We do not approve of numbering Israel, nor do we consider that number is strength; but yet we find it necessary in order to expose the frequent misrepresentations which the hirelings of the Mission Societies are constantly making concerning the destitute condition of the "Great Valley" to present some stubborn facts, which will show to the astonishment of many of our uninformed brethren, who have been imposed upon by false rumors; that the Great Valley is in all probability much better supplied with the ministry of the Gospel of Christ, than are the States generally speaking, on this side of the Alleghany Mountains. With this object in view, we shall give some statistic accounts from time to time of the state of the Churches in the far west. Our agents and brethren are therefore requested to send us a copy of the minutes of their respective Associations, Directed, "Signs of the Times," New Vernon, Orange Co., New York. And we would also esteem it a peculiar favor if our Old School Brethren throughout the United States and Territories would forward the minutes of all such associations as remain firm on the Old Ground."

- Signs of the Times, page 366.

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