Primitive Baptists in the State of North Dakota

A Sketch of North Dakota History

Once inhabited mainly by the Dakota and other Indian tribes, white settlement in the northern Dakota plains increased greatly after it was made a territory of the United States in 1861. On November 2, 1889, President Benjamin Harrison approved the admission of North Dakota to the Union.

Primitive Baptist Members in North Dakota

The Messenger of Peace published letters from Elder Benjamin F. Butler, dated January and September 1896, respectively. His address at that time was Holmes, North Dakota. In one of the letters he wrote that he had spent much of the year visiting churches and brethren in Illinois and Missouri, since his home in North Dakota was over 425 miles from the nearest brethren, and he was lonely for fellowship.

In January 1912, Bro. B. F. Tucker, a member of Friendship Church, near Knoxville (in Knox County), Illinois, wrote a letter to the "Messenger of Peace," from Des Lacs, North Dakota.

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