Primitive Baptists in the State of Minnesota



The Garden City Church was organized February 3, 1900. It was the first church of our faith organized in the State of Minnesota. An account of its formation is given in the Signs of the Times, which we quote here verbatim: "Saturday, Feb. 3, 1900. In response to a call of brother Deacon Abram B. Lester and Sister S. A. Lester, Brother Henry James and Sister E. James, Sister Elizabeth A. Murphy, and Sister Irene Murphy, for the constitution of a church at Garden City, Minnesota, the brethren and sisters met pursuant to call, at the day and date above named, with Elder William Morphew and Elder Garrett Murphy, of Lime Creek Church, Regular Predestinarian Baptists, who proceeded to examine the Constitution, Articles of Faith and Rules of Decorum, offered by the above named brethren, and finding them satisfactory, proceeded with the Constitution of said church, and declared them a church of Jesus Christ in order.


James, Lester, Morphew, Murphy (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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