Copywork Policies of the Primitive Baptist Library

The Primitive Baptist Library of Carthage, Illinois, was organized in June 1988, by Elder Robert Webb, and three other trustees (members of Primitive Baptist Churches in Hancock County, Illinois), with a constitution and by-laws. The Primitive Baptist Library is a research and reference library, rather than a loaning library, but the Library has republished several books which are available for purchase, and we assist researchers almost daily.


The Trustees of The Primitive Baptist Library of Carthage, Illinois, have adopted the following policies regarding church records:

1. We will pay for the xeroxing and/or digitizing of the records of any Primitive Baptist Church (active or inactive) in the State of Illinois (and other states as funds permit). 2. Microfilms and CD's or DVD's of church records in our collection may not be copied in whole or part without express, written permission from the specific church; or if the church has ceased to exist, from the Library trustees. 3. Microfilms may be viewed on our film reader in the Library except where restrictions apply. Such restrictions are presumed, and will be honored by this Library in connection with filming done for any church of which we maintain a copy. 4. The policies stated above for microfilm will also apply to our original church record books (or bound photocopies, CD's, or DVD's) held in safekeeping in the Library.

We reserve the right to study and use in our on-going historical research any material which is loaned or given to us to keep or to reproduce.

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