In Memory of Elder John Morris

"And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them." - Revelations 14:13.

Brother Long, I have today to record to you the painful news of the death of old Elder John Morris, one who has been engaged long in the public ministry. Elder Morris is of a distinguished family; he was the second white child that was born on the Kanawha river; he was of a family of several brethren and among the rest is Thomas A. Morris, Bishop of the Episcopal Methodist, who is a noted man in the western country. Elder Morris fell asleep in Christ, on or about the 3d of September, who has left several sons and daughters to mourn his loss; but he is gone, he is gone, no more to return, and although he is dead, he yet speaketh. His ministry was of such a cast that is lasting and durable. He labored about the space of forty minutes in a sermon, which was time spent to the purpose; he preached with a great deal of warmth, which had a tendency to gain the attention of all who felt interested in the matter. His preaching was mostly on experimental and practical godliness, which has had the tendency of doing much good. His ministry has been greatly lost in Virginia as well as in Illinois; he has baptized numbers, besides several who have grown up in the ministry of his labor in the ministry. When he first embraced a hope in Christ, he joined the Regular Baptist, and continued grounded and built up in the same until his death. He was a pioneer and herald of the cross of Christ. In Illinois he helped in the constitution of several churches, and helped in the ordination of several ministers. And when the new school party rent off he stood firm and true; he was the moderator of the Sangamon Association when the last rent was made, he still continued firm. He was a man of mildness, and great candor when he gave an answer to any person. He always had a kind smile upon his face. A few of the last years he did not labor much in the ministry, owing to being greatly afflicted with palsy. He has practiced medicine for some of the past years in Missouri. He at the time of his death was here to this county on a visit. He died with the flux. And as for further accounts of his life, much might be said in his behalf. I have the promise of a register of his life from his son, which will give a correct account of his ministry in full, the number of churches he has helped to constitute, and associations, the number he has baptized, and also the number he has baptized of other denominations, and the number of ministers that have arose from the work of his hands. We have quoted the above text of scripture which we deem it appropriate to the case in hand, as he is gone, we have every reason to believe, he has gone to rest from his labor, and that his works do follow him. We speak of that we do know, and testify of that we have seen, although it has been prophesied from time to time of the death of Old School Baptists, we find his works do follow him. Old Liberty church here which he was pastor of several years is yet alive. The good old precepts and examples of the gospel which he has taught is yet ahead, the brethren yet mindful of him and no doubt but will be for years when we come to the place of our covenant meetings. His name and works will not be forgotten. We will be mindful of all the cunning plots that has been taken to make an overthrow of old Liberty church. Over all the Lord has preserved her. And may he preserve her and all the sanctified in Christ blameless unto a coming day, is the prayer of your unworthy servant.


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