A Tribute to Elder John Bobbitt


Called on the committee appointed to draft the obituary of the late Elder John Bobbitt, which was received and ordered to be printed with our minutes.

"Howl, Fir tree, for the Cedar is fallen." - Zech. 11:2.

"Know ye not that there is a great man fallen in Israel?" - II. Sam. 3:38.

Since our last Association Almighty God, in his all-wise Providence, has been pleased to remove from among us our dearly beloved and highly esteemed brother, Elder John Bobbitt, who departed this life at his residence in Christian Co., Kentucky, on Wednesday, July 25th, 1855, after a short illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, in the 74th year of his age.

Our dear departed brother was born in the State of South Carolina, and emigrated to Christian County in his early years - professed religion and joined the church at Barren Springs, in the year 1806 and shortly after commenced preaching the gospel. In 1811, Barren Spring Church joined the Red River Association, and in 1829 he was chosen Moderator of that body, which office he filled with ability and impartiality for the space of 25 years. Our dear brother was among the first to discover the corruption of modern Missionism among the Churches of the Association, prior to the division. Some years before that event, the Churches at Barren Spring and Rock Spring, of which Brother Bobbitt was pastor, remonstrated against the Arminian practices introduced into that body, and which eventually led to the division.

In the separation he stood on the side of truth, and ever admonished his brethren to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. As a preacher of the everlasting gospel, Bro. Bobbitt was well known among the Baptists of Kentucky and Tennessee, and no preacher ever enjoyed the confidence of his brethren more than our dear brother. Firm and unwavering in his cause, his whole theme was Salvation by Free, Sovereign, Reigning Grace, and many of God's dear children will long remember the comfort they enjoyed under his preaching.

But he is removed from among us - gone, as we humbly believe, to that glorious crown which God in his rich mercy has prepared for him, and for which he had long been waiting. We feel that our loss is heavy, but rejoice under God that it is his gain, and ere long, when the troubles of this life are over, may it be our happy lot to meet our dear brother around the throne of our Redeemer's glory, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

"Bury the dead and weep,
In silence o'er the loss;
Bury the dead, in Christ they sleep,
Who bore on earth his cross.
And from the dust they again shall rise,
In his image to the skies."

By order of the Association.

PHILIP BALL, Moderator

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