A Listing of our Holdings of Church and Association Records
Please help us find records for all states

If you have old church records, or know someone who does, please let us know. We would like to be able to at least make copies for our research.

We are trying to preserve church records for all parts of the United States. There are several thousand records which we lack in our library collection. Some are in other libraries, where we can obtain copies. Others are in private hands, and should be copied. No doubt many have been destroyed, and are gone forever. Please help us if you can.

Our Present Holdings of Church Records include the following:


1. Middle-Fork Salem, Benton 1818-1968 (microfilm)
2. Pleasant Union, Centerville 1883-1992 (micfm/orig)
3. Mt. Pleasant, Burnt Prairie 1830-2004 (mic/original)
4. Brushy Fork, Harco (org. 1843) 1849-1912 (microfilm)
5. Salem, Xenia (org. 1828) 1864-1991 (microfilm)
6. New Hope, Hindsboro 1886-1991 (microfilm)
7. Liberty, Bingham 1836-1982 (micfm/orig)
8. Concord (Richwoods), Kansas 1831-1909 (micfm/xerox)
9. Mt. Zion, Astoria 1851-1995 (micfm/xerox)
10. Providence, Plymouth 1835-1927 (xerox)
11. Carthage, Carthage 1997-present
12. Little Springs, Dale (org. 1828) 1883-1965 (micfm/orig)
13. South Fork of Mauvaisterre, Jacksonville 1827-1947 (microfilm)
14. Lick Creek, Norris City (org. 1820) 1824-1984 (micfm/orig)
15. Summit Prairie, Iuka 1841-1913(micfm/notebook)
16. Little Flock, Chandlerville 1831-1962 (microfilm)
17. Canteen Creek, Troy 1817-1901 (microfilm)
18. Horse Prairie, Red Bud 1814-1869 (microfilm)
19. Big Grove, Atlanta 1830- (microfilm)
20. Head of Apple Creek, Waverly (org. 1828) 1829-1991 (microfilm)
21. Unity, Murphysboro 1822-1871 (microfilm)
22. Pleasant Grove, Salem 1880-1995 (microfilm)
23. Norris City, Norris City 1901-1928 (microfilm)
24. Flat Rock, Flat Rock 1905-1937 (microfilm)
25. Canaan, Flat Rock 1867-1947 (micfm/xerox)
26. Concord, Palmyra 1835-1965 (micfm/xerox)
27. North Fork, Willow Hill 1829-1981 (micfm/orig)
28. Carmi, Carmi 1856-1996 (micfm/orig)
29. Grand Prairie, Bellair 1819-1894 (micfm/orig)
30. Little Village, Russelville 1817-1845 (micfm/orig)
31. New Hope, Greenbush 1836-1903, 1903-1994 (Mf./xerox/orig)
32. Grand Pier, Golconda 1827-1961 (micfm/orig)
33. Big Creek, Elizabethtown (org. 1806) 1823-1837 (micfm/orig)
34. Galilee, Jasper Co. 1846-1877 (micfm/orig)
35. Hickory Creek, Falmouth 1854-1933 (micfm/orig)
36. Bethlehem, Marion (org. 1827) 1839-1890 (micfm/orig)
37. Hopewell, Gillespie 1831-1935 (micfm/orig)
38. Chicago, Chicago 1941-1993 (micfm/orig)
39. Liberty, Loami 1826-1888 (micfm/orig)
40. Fancy Point, New Berlin 1844-1905 (micfm/orig)
41. South Fork, Edinburg (org. 1831) 1847-1891 (transcript)
42. Fox Prairie, Clay Co. 1827-1837 (xerox)
43. Oblong, Oblong 1899-1932 (original)
44. Birk's Prairie, Albion (org. in 1826) 1901-1924 (original)
45. Sharon, Vera 1894-1911 (xerox)
46. Cottonwood, Ridgway 1873-1973 (original)
47. Middle Creek, Bentley (org. 1832) 1839-1979 (orig/xerox)
48. Bethel, Basco 1854-1912 (xerox)
49. Hurricane, Fillmore (org. 1818) 1849-1950 (original)
50. Rock Creek, Ferris 1871-1906 (orig/digital)
51. Friendship, Durham 1880-1974 (orig/digital)
52. Lake Fork, Mt. Pulaski 1827-1894 (xerox)
53. Crooked Creek, Iola (org. 1828) 1837-1980 (original)
54. Otter Creek, Girard 1861-1966 (xerox)
55. Liberty, Alma (org. 1831) 1885-1968 (orig/xerox)
56. Bethel, Coffeen (org. 1826) 1837-1966 (orig/xerox)
57. Sandy Creek, Winchester 1825-1836 (xerox)
58. Mt. Zion, Windsor 1879-1933 (xerox)
59. Hopewell, El Dara 1844-1916 (xerox)
60. Little Flock, Coatsburg 1838-1912 (xerox)
61. Union, Claremont 1827-1860 (xerox)
62. New Hope, Dundas 1839-1947 (xerox)
63. Middle Fork, Thompsonville 1826-1933 (xerox)
64. Bethlehem, Mulberry Grove 1830-1876 (xerox)
65. Shady Grove, Bond Co. 1833-1835 (original)
66. Salem Sugar Creek, Chatham 1830-1932 (xerox)
67. Plum Creek, Bluffs 1829-1927 (xerox)
68. Union, Moweaqua 1844-1964 (orig/digital)
69. Burnt Prairie, Burnt Prairie (org. 1816) 1855-1861 (orig/xerox)
70. Hopewell, Barnhill (org. 1832) 1845-1874 (orig/xerox)
71. Providence, Mt. Erie 1846-1932 (xerox)
72. Mt. Zion, Saratoga 1852-1884 (original)
73. Camp Creek, Versailles 1832-1894 (xerox/original)
74. Crossville, Crossville (org. 1901) 1901-1916, 1936-1983 (xerox)
75. Little Wabash, Crossville 1816-1971 (xerox)
76. Little Flock, Honey Bend (org. 1842) 1908-1938 (xerox)
77. Mt. Vernon, Mt. Vernon 1905-1986 (original)
78. Mt. Zion, Waukegan 1961-1997 (original)
79. Bethel's Creek, Raleigh 1820-1848, 1888-1900, 1900-1915 (xerox)
80. Friendship, Texas City (faction of Wolf Creek) 1887-1940 (orig/xerox)
81. Pilgrim, Crawford Co. (transcript) 1833-1869 (transcript)
82. New Providence, Ursa 1833-1904 (xerox)
83. Wood River, Wood River (org. 1806) 1812-1822 (xerox)
84. Richland Creek, Collinsville 1806-1809 (transcript)
85. Ten Mile Creek, McLeansboro 1820-1830 (transcript)
86. Big Spring, Fulton Co. 1843-1855 (xerox)
87. Mt. Gilead, Hersman 1842-2005 (xerox/original)
88. Providence, Isabel 1840-1940 (xerox)
89. Union, Yatesville 1825-1829 (extracts); 1825-1887 on CD
90. Little Bethel, Mattoon, Coles Co. 1841-1934 (xerox/digital)
91. Union, Elk Prairie Twp., Jefferson Co. *** 1842-1912
92. Union, Waltonville *** (division) 1900-1917
93. Wolf Creek, Eldorado (org. 1830) *** Transcript; xerox 1849-1931
94. Salem, Benton, Franklin Co. 1848-19__ (xerox)
95. Rector's Fork, Walpole *** (later part of records held by family of Harrison Ritchason not obtained) 1872-1913 (digital)
96. Rock Springs, Simpson (Euel Sharp) Not obtained
97. North Fork, Broughton, Hamilton Co. 1873-1932
98. Buffalo Grove, Polo, Ogle Co. 1843-1897 (xerox)
99. Springfield, Springfield, Sangamon Co. 1830-1835 (xerox)
100. Cedar Mount, Decatur, Macon Co. 1945-1973 (microfilm)
101. New Salem, Clayton, Brown Co. 1879-1902
102. Good Hope, Clark Co. 1832- (xerox)
103. New Hope, Springerton, Hamilton Co. 1839-1999 (original)
104. Nine Mile, DuQuoin, Perry Co. 1843-1957 (digital)
105. Village Creek, Wabash Co. 1826-1839
106. Pleasant Hill, Marion (regular) 1873-1941 (orig/digital)
107. Pleasant Hill, Johnston City 1900- (orig/digital)
108. New Salem, Meredosia 1878-1914

109. Friendship, Winchester 1836-1987

110. Wolf Creek (faction) 1927-1940

111. Springfield, Springfield 1926-1982 (original)

112. Long Prairie, West Salem, Edwards Co., 1825-1874.

Illinois Association Record books in our collection:
Salem Association (1835-1992)(microfilm & original manuscript books and printed minutes); Muddy River Association, 1820-1986 (microfilm and part of original records); Original Muddy River Association (absoluter) (1901-1905); Original Bethel Association (absoluter), original record book and digital copy; Sangamon Association, 1823-1914; Little Wabash Association, 1825-present; Illinois Association, 1807-1868; Skillet Fork Association, 1840-1997. Concord Association, 1836-1963.

Miscellaneous records for Illinois in our collection:
1. Manuscript record book of Bethel United Baptist Church, Burnt Prairie, White County, Illinois, 1855-1895.
2. Mt. Pleasant Christian Church, Hancock Co., Illinois.
3. New Hope Baptist Church, McDonough Co., Illinois.


New Bethel, Connersville, xerox (bound) of small part of early records
Mt. Pleasant, Putnam County, Indiana (1827-1852)
Little Pigeon Creek, Lincoln City, Indiana (1816-1840)
Indian Creek, New Market, Montgomery County, Indiana (1832-1923)
Terre Haute, Terre Haute, Indiana (1910-1988)
Big Creek, Cynthiana, Indiana (1813-1975)
Bethel, Farmersville, Indiana (1819-1995) (org. 1806)
Little Zion (Progressive) (1848-1991) (microfilm)
Paint Creek, Carroll Co., Indiana (1832- )
Providence, Princeton (1822-1872)(microfilm #1445810)(1872-1927)#1445811)
Silver Creek, Clark Co. (transcript)(1799-1828)
Indian Creek, Lawrence Co.
Danville, Hendricks Co., 1828-1873
Abners Creek, Hendricks Co.,
Published records of White River & Blue River Associations (xerox, and White River minutes digitized for 1821-1871)
White Water Association, 1809-2003 (digitized)

Big Creek, Mt. Pleasant (1836-1863)

New Bethel (Avon)

Liberty (Grinnell)
Des Moines River, Eldon (1841-1984) (microfilm)
Sharon, Guthrie Center (1855-1958)
Ebenezer, Oskaloosa (extracts) (1848-1915)
Pleasant Grove, Barnes City (1879-1988)
Harmony, Winfield (1905-1961)
Council Bluffs, Loveland (1857-1996)
Oak Hill, Mark (1885-1947)
Liberty, Sidney (1902-1959)
Round Prairie, Fairfield (1839-1906) (microfilm)
Otter Creek, Toddville (1922-1995) (microfilm)(original records located but not obtained)
Fox River, West Grove (1853-1932) (microfilm)
West Liberty, Sperry (1840-1914) (microfilm)
Friendship, Warren Co.
Mount Zion, Oakley, Lucas Co.
Mount Zion, Monroe Co.
Mt. Pleasant, Grinnell, 1959-2007
Des Moines River Association record books (1840-1963) (microfilm)
Mt. Pleasant Association record book (1855-)
Missouri Valley Association record books (1877-1963)

New Hope, Dwight (1894-1908)
Deer Creek, Battle Creek (1892-1977)

New York
Otego, Otego Co.

First Roxbury, Delaware Co.

Second Roxbury, Delaware Co.

Hazel Creek, Greentop, MO (1876-1984) (microfilm)
Little Flock, St. Joseph, MO (1890-1976)
Dry Fork, Lake Springs, MO (1898-1966)
Mill Creek, Forest City, MO (1842-1894)
Double Springs, Cole Co., MO (1820-1841)
Looney's Creek, Shelby Co., MO (1836-1943) (typed transcript)
Log Creek, Polo (1840-1995) (microfilm)
Crooked River, Rayville, 1846-1877 & extracts
Brush Creek, Goldsberry (1858-1968) (microfilm)
New Garden, Excelsior Springs, MO (1842-1980) (microfilm)
Bethel, Cape Girardeau (1806-1867) (microfilm)
New Hope, Richmond (1828-1901)(zerox copies)
Pine, Licking (1891-1973)
Bethel, Edgar Springs (1898-1924)
Big Piney, Relfe (1898-1924)
Big Piney-Bethel (1924-1973)
Mt. Zion, Castile (1868-1906)
West Union, Bucklin (1901-1996)
Mt. Hope, Putnam Co. (1854-1903)
Atlanta/Kirksville (1916-1992)
Bear Creek, Hannibal, 1821-1904 (digital)
Mt. Vernon, Kansas City (1899-1999)(promised)
Yellow Creek Association (1845-1998) (microfilm)
Hazel Creek Association (copy of manuscript records 1854-1882)
Nodaway Association (1869-1959)
Cape Girardeau Association, 1824-1851
Ozark Association, 1909-1986
Records located but not obtained: West Union (Bucklin)(older part of records); Cedar Creek (Callaway Co.); Big Rock (Versailles); Big Bottom (Saline Co.); Cold Water (St. Louis Co.); Goshen, Wilton; Little Zion, Macon Co.; Mt. Zion, Howard Co.; New Hope, Howard Co.; Rocky Fork, Boone Co.; Round Prairie, Bates Co.; Sardis-Bethlehem, Henry Co.; Siloam, Pike Co.; and others not determined.

Pilgrim, Elkhart (1833-1869)
Mt. Zion (1897-1983)
Cibolo/Baker (1893-1943)
Blossom Prairie (Org. 1887; book from 1922-1946)
Buckner's Creek (1851-1904)
Red River Association (1886-1919)

Scio, Scio (1873-1911) (microfilm)
Siloam, Marion County (1847-1856) (microfilm)
Coast Fork, Eugene (1882-1899)
Molalla (1848-1864) (microfilm)
Big Spring, Elgin (1878-1993)
Cedar Creek, Portland (1908-1933)
Providence, Milton-Freewater (1923-1945)

New Hope Association, 1842-2007

North Carolina
Sandy Creek (copies of a few pages)
North Creek (1790-1890)
Sandy Grove (1855-1972)
Digitized copy on CD of the manuscript records of Cedar Grove Primitive Baptist Church, 1837-1928, near Wake Forest, NC.

New Jersey
Hopewell, Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., 1715-

Welsh Tract, Newark, 1701-

Goose Creek (1775-1845)
Waterlick (1787-1817)
Ketocton Association (bound minutes, 1792-1834)
Mill Creek (transcript) (1798-1824)
White Oak Grove, Carroll Co.
New Hope, Carroll Co., 1828-1872
West Fork, Floyd Co., 1816-1915
Gourdvine, Rappahannock Co.
New River Association (incomplete for early years)
Smith River Association (digital copies of partial minutes)
Laurel Fork, Carroll Co., 1846-1882
Frying Pan Creek, 1791-1891
Laurel Creek, Floyd Co., 1897-2007 (earlier records lost)

Mizpah, Touchet (1913-1952)
Pleasant Grove, Yakima (1878-1991)

Middle Fork (West Fork), Washington Co. (1830-1884)
Manuscript records of Enon Church, Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas, 1841-1986, in pdf file format.

Darian, Wadley (1842-1981) (microfilm)
Original Flint River Association (bound)(Absoluter)

Walnut Valley, Blanchard (1937-1999) (microfilm)
New Hope, Tecumseh

Lebanon, Claiborne Parish (1854-1951)

Mt. Zion

Zion's Rest
Louisiana Association (absoluter)

Providence, Hatton/Syracuse (1906-1972)

Rupert, Rupert (1926-1977)
Mt. Zion, Pocatello (1959-1977)

Welsh Tract, Newark (1701-1828)

Liberty, Smithfield (1846-1961) (microfilm)
Piedmont, Calvary (1828-1994) (microfilm)
Harmony, Sumter Co. (1868-1887) (microfilm)

Turnbull (1802-1818)
Testament (1812-1814)
Brush Creek (1802-1878)
Caney Fork, Warren Co. (Film)
Red River, Robertson Co., 1791-

Van Buren, Findlay (1835-1855) (microfilm & CD)
Mt. Zion, Butler Co. (1835-1842) (microfilm)
Eagle Creek, Hancock Co. (1836-1996)(microfilm)
Middle Run, Xenia, Green Co. (1799-1900)
Caesars Creek, Greene Co., 1813-1843
Turkey Run, 1817-1893
Tapscott, Warren Co., 1814-2003
Owl Creek Harmony Association,
Miami Association 1797-1962
Muskingum Association, 1810-1926
Sandusky Association, 1833-1849
Scioto Association, 1805-1899
Pleasant Run, Fairfield Co., 1841-1964
Walnut Creek, Fairfield Co., 1837-1892
Lancaster, Fairfield Co., 1818-1922
Rocky Fork, Marion Co.,1827-2009

Four Mile, Campbell Co., 1819-1874
Rock Spring, Owsley Co., 1852-1954
Mt. Tabor, Barren Co. 1798-1810
Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, Eddyville (org. 1807,
records found 1856-1891)
Dry Creek, Canton/Cadiz, Trigg Co. (1805-present)
Original Little River Association records
Goshen, Winchester, Clark Co., 1825-2004
Providence, Clark Co.
Salt Creek, Anderson Co.

Redstone Association, 1804-1836
Tuscarora Valley (1794-1828)
Southampton, Bucks Co., 1731-

Old Providence, Union Co. (1833-1870)
Hepzibah, Gadsden Co. (1825-1861)
Liberty, Gadsden Co. (1834-1842)

West Virignia
Naomi, Charleston (notes from records, 1913-2007
Leading Creek
New Liberty Association


Illinois -

Liberty on Mosquito Creek, Christian Co., Illinois;
Bethel's Creek (Raleigh), Saline Co., Illinois (part);
Little Spring (Dale), Hamilton Co., Illinois (part);
Rector (Walpole), Hamilton Co., Illinois (part);
Rock Springs (Simpson), Johnson Co., Illinois;
North Fork (Broughton), Hamilton Co., Illinois (part);
Old Concord (Neoga), Cumberland Co., Illinois;

Indiana -
Providence, Bethlehem, Wadesville, Mt. Pleasant, Salem, Poseyville, Ft. Branch and Bethany Churches in Posey and Gibson counties, Indiana;
There are several church records in the Indiana Historical Society, in Indianapolis.

Iowa -
Green's Grove, Linn Co., Iowa;
Ebenezer, Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., Iowa;
Liberty Church, Knox, Fremont Co., Iowa;
Providence Church, Plano, Iowa;

Fox River (West Grove);

Missouri -
West Union Church, Bucklin, Linn Co., Mo;
There are many other church records for Missouri in the Missouri Western Manuscript locations.
Yellow Creek Association minutes for 2005-2009.

New York -

Pennsylvania -

Ohio -

Kentucky - We have a list of records held by the Kentucky Historical Society.

North Carolina -

Virginia -

Georgia - We have a list of records held by Mercer University.

Tennessee - We have a list of records held at the Tennessee State Archives.

Alabama -

California -

Kansas -

Nebraska -
Loup River (Custer Co.)

If you know of any of these, or other church or association records, please let us know. We would like to obtain copies of as many records as possible, from all parts of the United States.

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