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Mt. Pleasant Church was organized near Waco, on October 23, 1886, with seven members, viz., Thomas S. Stevens, Sophia Stevens, Thomas Tipton, Rebecca E. Dewey, Mary E. Lamers, Annie Males, and M. A. Lancaster. Pastors included Elders James M. True, C. M. Cooper, Edgar Carter, Smith Ketchum, W. S. Craig, and perhaps others. Elder Cooper served the church from the time of his ordination, in 1891, until his death in 1926. The church began raising funds for a new meeting house in 1903; a frame structure was soon thereafter completed, located on Platte Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets, in York.


Amsberry, Bucoy, Carter, Cooper, Darnall, Deason, Dewey, Dye, Fluty, Hanson, Harter, Huchins, Jackson, Ketchum, Lancaster, Males, Moulds, Palmer, Pile, Pomeroy, Simmons, Stevens, Tipton, Waggoner, Walters (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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