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Three Forks Church was organized on November 7, 1790, with eight charter members, viz., James Tomkins, Richard Greene and wife, Daniel Eggers and wife, William Miller, Elinor Greene, and B. B. Eggers. Some if not all of these came from the Jersey Settlement Church.

Among the pastors of this church were Elders Richard Gentry, John G. Bynum, Barlow, Nathaniel Vannoy, George McNeil, Joseph Harrison, Jacob Greene, D. C. Harmon, Smith Ferguson, B. McBride, Jacob Greene, Jackie Farthing, Reuben Farthing, A. C. Farthing, William Wilcox, and Larkin Hodges.

SURNAMES OF MEMBERS (from 1790 to 1800 only):

Allen, Ayers, Baker, Bayliss, Brown, Buck, Calloway, Castle, Chambers, Coleman, Counsel, Cutbirth, Davis, Doneky, Earnest, Eaton, Eggers, England, Fairchild, Ferguson, Ford, Green, Greene, Greer, Harmon, Holesclaw, Horton, Hull, Isaacs, Jackson, Lewis, Linvil, McCaleb, Miller, Morphew, Northern, Oglethorp, Owens, Parr, Phillips, Pittman, Proffitt, Reese, Regan, Sewel, Shearer, Stocksdale, Tompkins, Triplet, Vanderpool, Wade, Willcoxen.


Cove Creek Church was organized in 1799.

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