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BETHEL/SUGAR CREEK (See also Clinton County)

Bethel Church was organized in 1818, by George Shipman, Elder William Roundtree Sr., and others. The church united with the Illinois Association. Later, the church became a member of the Southern Ilinois Association. After that Association dissolved, Bethel church was again received as a member of the Illinois Association in 1842, her messengers being Elder Richard Ragland and E. Tackit. This church continued to represent in the Association through 1866.

Among the members of this church were Elders Richard Ragland, William W. Palmier, and Robert Q. West, and Brethren E. Tackit, G. W. Ramey, Jonathan W. Jones, and C. C. Culley. The membership of the church fluctuated between six and ten members during the period of its existence, after which the remaining members apparently united with the Elkhorn Church.


Elkhorn Church was organized in 1819 or earlier, as this church united with the Illinois Association in October 1819, her messengers being William Thompson and James Fisher, who reported 13 members, of which 7 had been received during the year. A county history says the church was organized at the home of Benjamin Chesney, by a presbytery composed of Elders David Badgley and William Rountree Sr.

In 1820, William Thompson Sr. and William Thompson Jr. were messengers, who reported 16 members. Others who were chosen as messengers before 1840 included Elder William Roundtree Sr., Israel Strait, William Tharp Sr., John Thompson, Elder Alexander Conlee, Isaac Conlee, William Wheelis, John Byrd, J. Marvin, J. Ragland, Elder James Smith, Dunning Baker, L. Berry Ford, Joseph Kinyon, William Kinyon, James Kinyon, and Elder Shadrach Cheek.

Elkhorn Church hosted the Illinois Association in 1825, 1832, 1840, 1852, 1858, 1862, and 1865. The Illinois Association dissolved in 1869. In 1874 this church united with the Bethel Association, at which time the church still had twelve members. In 1882, the church reported 7 members. It appears the church had dissolved by 1887, and some of the members remaining united with Nine Mile Church in Perry County.

Elkhorn Church was located near Elkton, not far from Elkhorn Creek.


Baker, Beckham, Byrd, Cheek, Davis, Deremiah, Fisher, Ford, Heern, Kinyon, Marvin, Moore, Parker, Ragland, Roundtree, Rountree, Smith, Strait, Tharp, Thompson, Weaver, West, Wheeless, Williams.


Little Muddy Church, located west of the town of Ashley, is listed in the minutes of Bethel Association for 1832, which say it was located in Washington County.


See Clinton County.


Minutes of the Illinois Baptist Association; Minutes of the Bethel Association.

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