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Antioch Church was organized in about 1823, near Olney. It is believed to be the first church of any faith in Richland county. A few years later, the minutes of Little Wabash Association indicate the church was located in Wabash County.

Early members included Elder William H. Martin, Elder J. L. Bass, Coles Besley, James Gaddy, John Gaddy, Thomas Banks, A. Banks, Asa Smith, Asa Hammond, E. Brant and others.

Elder William H. Martin, a pioneer from Kentucky, was the first pastor. Elders J. L. Bass, Elijah George, and Watson Tarpley probably also served as pastor.

The first meeting house was a log structure situated about five miles east of Olney on the "trace road." It may have been built as early as 1822; it was also used for a school.

Antioch Church was a member of the Little Wabash Association from 1825 until 1891, when it united with the Central Association which was being formed at that time. In the early 1900's the members of Antioch Church moved as a body to Arkansas.


Banks, Bass, Besley, Brant, Brines, Courter, Gaddy, George, Hammond, Jones, Lambert, Leatherland, Martin, Milburn, Smith, Tarpley, Walser, Wilson (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


Village Creek Church was organized on the second Saturday in August, 1826, with fifteen charter members, viz., James Gray, Betsey Gray, Charles P. Burns, Sally Burns, John Proctor, Betsey Proctor, Hester Truscot, Margret Painter, Polly Garner, Barsheba Campbell, Betsey Jordan, Polly Frazer, John Compton, Rebekah Compton, and Elder Elias Roberts. The presbytery was composed of Elders Charles Whiting and Thomas Murphy from Bethlehem Church; Elder William Martin, Asa Hammond, and Garvis Dale from Antioch Church; and Laban Payne from Bon-Pas Church.

Village Creek Church united with the Little Wabash Association in 1826.


Burns, Campbell, Compton, Fetiner, Frazier, Garner, Gray, Jordan, Painter, Proctor, Roberts, Truscot.

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