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Honey Creek Church, at Prairieton (about ten miles south of Terre Haute), was organized by 1829 or earlier, with fifteen members, and united with the Wabash District Association. Early ministers of the church included Elders Benoni Trueblood, Athel Staggs (ordained here in June 1834), Elijah Staggs, and James Lee. Later ministers included Elders J. G. Foster, Thomas Drake, Oliver F. Lee, John W. Hurst, and O. H. Reeves. A church building was erected in 1845.


Bentley, Capps, Drake, Ferguson, Fitzpatrick, Foster, Hurst, Kercheville, Kester, Lee, Mason, Ogle, Paddock, Pounds, Prichard, Reeves, Rigney, Staggs, Thompson, Trueblood, Weeks (very incomplete list due to lack of records).




Zion Church (later called Terre Haute) was organized at the Odd Fellows Building, in Terre Haute, on April 10, 1910. There were fourteen charter members, viz., Merrill Petty, Zora V. Mattox, W. R. Mattox, Mary A. Migenity, Cora M. Paddock, Alice L. Lee, J. M. Ferguson, Martha J. Ferguson, J. J. Martin, Lina R. Petty, Eura A. Kemp, Louisa J. Miller, Lula M. Boyll, and Chancy E. Boyll. The presbytery was composed of Elder M. B. Moffett, moderator, and Elder Sylvan A. Dawson, clerk; also, Elder R. W. Thompson.


Allen, Athey, Baker, Binford, Bogard, Bownes, Boyll, Brackall, Clark, Cox, Deere, Everett, Ferguson, Fuson, Hahn, Hampton, Hanley, Harper, Harris, Hawkins, Hermeling, Hickman, Hines, Hiscock, Holt, Hurst, Hylton, Jones, Kemp, Kennett, Knowles, Lee, Martin, Mason, Mattox, Matz, Megenity, Meisner, Miller, Montgomery, Morge, Paddock, Petty, Raef, Rea, Reynolds, Smith, Varney, Wambaugh, Waters, Whitman, Wible, Willy.


Hartford Church, at Pimento, was organized before 1887, but the date has not been located. Elder James H. Oliphant served this church as pastor.

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