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Clear Creek Church, at Jonesboro, was organized on December 25, 1818. The church first joined the Cape Girardeau Association, in June 1824. The Clear Creek Association was formed a few years later, and corresponded at first with the Muddy River Association, but was dropped from fellowship by the Muddy River Association in 1834, in consequence of the Clear Creek churches having joined issue with the present mission system. However, it appears that this church may have divided, and part of the church remained with the Cape Girardeau Association (Primitive Baptist).

RIDGE (1827)

Ridge Church joined the Cape Girardeau Association (Regular/Primitive) Baptists in 1827. In about 1832 or 1833 this church joined the Clear Creek Association, which went into the modern mission system when that movement arose. Ridge Church was mentioned in the records of Grand Pier Church, when a sister presented a letter of dismission to join Grand Pier by letter from Ridge Church, Union County, Illinois, in 1835.


Limestone Church united with the Cape Girardeau Regular Baptist Association in 1842 (after the division over missions).


Lick Creek Church was represented in the Bethel Association in 1843, the earliest minutes presently available, but was probably organized several years earlier. Information about this church comes primarily from the Bethel Association minutes, as the church records have not been found. Elder H. I. Little was one of the pastors of this church. The church was located at the site of Lick Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, in Section 24, Township 12 South (Anna Precinct), Range 1 West, near Anna.


Anderson, Evans, Ferguson, Little, Preston, Upchurch (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


Minutes of the Bethel (Illinois) Association.

We would like to obtain a cemetery listing for the Lick Creek Baptist Cemetery, as well as records of the church.

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