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Dry Creek Church, near Linton, was organized October 26, 1805, by Elders S. J. Brooks and Samuel Skinner, and brethren Elias Fort Sr. and Sugg Fort. The charter members were probably dismissed for that purpose from Red River Church. Names of some of the early members included the following: Elder Dudley Williams, Elder Samuel Skinner, Jonathan Taylor, Caleb Lindsey, Nathaniel Parker, William Skinner, Henry Skinner, Charles Brandon, Theophilus Skinner, James Lindsey, Moses Larrisy, Joseph Boren, Benjamin Wilson, William Hubbard, Joseph Miller, John Miller, John Mills, John Denson, Sarah Lindsey, Judah Skinner, Sally Wilson, Nancy Skinner, Rhoda Taylor, Elizabeth Wester, Sarah Feutral, Rachel Skinner, Sally Hubbard, Hannah Larrisy, Rachel Brandon, Marion Wills, Esther Denson, Rachel Roscoe, Sarah Wilson, Margaret Holland, Isabel Craig, Nancy Grinnal, Nancy Boren, Patience Joiner, Elizabeth Read, Malinda Read, Matilda Read, Mary Read, and Barsheba Colson.

The first pastor was Elder Dudley Williams. He was followed by Elder Samuel Skinner, who also donated the land on which the original log building was erected. Subsequent pastors have included Elders Reuben Ross, Jesse Cox, W. H. Dyer, J. L. B. Darnell, D. R. Turner, J. N. Darnell, R. H. Hale, and David Mattingly.

The first log building was replaced by another log meeting house, and then by a frame building, in 1850. The present building has been bricked and is well-kept.

Dry Creek Church first became a member of the Red River Association, and then helped organize the Little River Association in 1813.


Baker, Boren, Brandon, Bremmer, Brewton, Bridges, Brown, Brunson, Bruton, Burd, Carr, Chandler, Chappel, Cohoon, Colson, Cox, Craig, Darnall, Denson, Ezell, Foster, Futrell, Grinnal, Hamilton, Hargrove, Hargroves, Harrel, Hawkins, Heard, Hodge, Holland, Hubbard, Joiner, Land, Larney, Lindsey, Lowry, Luton, McLain, McNatt, Miller, Mills, Minton, Moore, Morgan, Noel, Parker, Read, Reed, Rodgers, Roscoe, Rose, Ryan, Scott, Shoulders, Skinner, Stilley, Sumner, Taylor, Terrell, Thomas, Tinsley, Tuppin, Turner, Vinson, Webster, Wells, Wester, Williams, Willis, Wills, Wilson, Wollard, Woods (incomplete due to lack of records).


Muddy Fork of Little River Church, near Cerulean Springs, was first organized in 1805, as an arm of Eddy Grove Church, in Caldwell County. Among the earliest members were Samuel Goodwin, Jesse Goodwin, Benjamin Ladd, John Goode and wife, Samuel Goodwin, Jr., Robert Rogers and wife, Burgess Sizemore and wife, Anderson Sizemore, Benjamin Vincent, and William Snelling. The first meeting house was a small log structure erected in 1806. Pastors of this church included Elders Fielding Wolfe, Reuben Rowland, Peyton S. Nance, John H. Gammon, Hezekiah Smith, and others.

In 1812 Elder Fielding Wolfe, and licensed brethren John Jordan and William Bradley, were messengers from this church to the Red River Association. Elders Micajah B. Rowland and B. Ezell were also early members of this church. In 1813, this church joined with others in organizing the Little River Association. In 1833, when the Little River Association divided over missions and general atonement, this church remained with the Primitive Baptists.

In 1806 Jesse Goodwin gave land for a meeting house for this church. A log building was erected about this time, which was also used for a school. It was replaced by a frame meeting house in 1836, which is still standing at the same site. The church hosted the Original Little River Association for the last time in 1954.


Bradley, Collins, Cook, Elliott, Ezell, Goode, Goodwin, Gray, Guthrie, Jordan, Ladd, Miller, Mitchell, Newton, Rogers, Rowland, Scott, Sizemore, Smith, Snelling, Turner, Vincent, Wadlington, Williamson, Wolf, Wood (very incomplete list due to lack of records).

The Christian Experience of Elder Peyton S. Nance

MT. PLEASANT (1807) (divided over the modern mission system in 1846)

Mt. Pleasant Church, on Little River, was organized by members dismissed from Muddy Fork Church, probably in 1807. The messenger from this church to the Red River Association in 1812 was Lic. Aaron Compton. In 1813 this church united with the Little River Association. Names of early members who served as messengers were Solomon Barnes, Henry Jones, Edwin Noel, Isaac Reedy, Samuel Orr, Kertley Twyman, Elijah Whitney, and William Batteau. In 1833 this church went into the modern mission system, but the church divided on this issue in 1846. Minutes of the Original Little River (Primitive Baptist) Association for 1857 show Mt. Pleasant Church still in existence with Solomon Barnes as messenger. Pastors included Elders Fielding Wolf, Reuben Ross, Peyton Nance, Joseph Barnes, John H. Gammon, and Samuel Ross.




Long Creek Church was organized in 1810, and was a long-time member of the Little River Association, and remained with the Primitive Baptists in the division over missions.


DONALDSON CREEK (1818)(later went with the missionary movement)

Donaldson Creek Church first met as an arm of Dry Creek Church, beginning in 1814, with twenty-four members. In 1818 about fifty members were dismissed by letter, who along with others, organized Donaldson Creek Church. This church became a member of the Little River Association in 1818. This church went into the mission system in the division which occurred in 1833.


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