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Little Flock Church, near Portland, was organized in 1881.


Huddleston, Osborn (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


The Perth Church was constituted on February 28, 1976, as an arm of Clear Springs Church, Maben, Mississippi. The presbytery was composed of Elders Marvin Smith, John W. F. DeWitt, W. E. Fulghum, Charles L. Porter, Lonnie Mozingo, and Bill McCarthy, and Deacons Charles Head, Douglas Morris, and Marvin Palmer. The arm extended an invitation for members, whereupon R. A. Tindall, Tom Whaley and Ed L. Whaley, offered themselves for baptism. They were then baptized, and requested letters, which were granted. The presbytery then proceeded to ordain R. A. Tindall as a minister. The new church being regularly organized, then extended an invitation for membership, whereupon twenty-four others united with the church and were baptized.

Pastors have been Elders R. A. Tindall, David Pyles, and Randy McCarthy. The charter members had formerly been identified with another order of Baptists, but had been led to understand the principles of grace as taught by the Primitive Baptists, and desired to become identified with them as the true church.


Tindall, Whaley (very incomplete list due to not having a copy of the records).

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