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Meadow Creek Church was organized first as an arm of Little River Church, near Troy, in Montgomery County, which arm was extended in 1760. Meadow Creek Church was organized as a separate church in 1765, by Elders Shubael Stearns and John Culpepper. The church covenant shows that they believed in particular election and the doctrines of grace. Elder Joseph Breed (one of the charter members of Sandy Creek church) began preaching for the Arm at Meadow Creek, and preached a few years after the church was organized. He was followed by Elders James Jones, John Culpepper, George Little (1826-1866), Elder Wooten (1867-1879), S. C. Little (1880-1881), C. L. Chaney (1882-1885), Jesse Brown (1885-1886), N. M. Clark (1886-1899), A. J. Morton (1899-1900), J. E. Williams (1900-1917), T. M. Stanley (1917-1927), P. J. Washburn, O. C. Mullis (1929-1945), and C. M. Mills (1945).

In the beginning, Meadow Creek Church did not keep a record of all their conference meetings because of fear of persecution by the Church of England, which was the State Church of the Colonies until after the Revolutionary War, which began in 1776 and lasted until 1783. After the war was over, Elders John Gano and Shubael Stearns visited them and prevailed upon them to keep a written record of each and all of their conference meetings and matters of business. This church became a member of the Bear Creek Association.



Bear Creek Church, near Albemarle, was one of the original five churches which organized the Bear Creek Association in 1832. This church was organized in 1791 by Elders John Culpepper and Cooker.



Mountain Creek Church was organized June 7, 1884, with seven charter members, viz., Matthew Hearne, Paul Safely, G. W. Safely, Alcy Hopkins, Amos Vanhoy, Nancy Ann Safely, and Mintie Russell, all of whom were dismissed from Bear Creek Church. The presbytery was composed of Elders S. C. Little and G. L. Chaney.

Pastors have included Elders G. L. Chaney, J. B. Hill, J. F. Mills, I. P. Bean, S. C. Little, A. G. Morton, B. L. Treece, T. M. Standley, P. J. Washburn, C. M. Mills, H. L. Poplin, E. Guy Parks, Joe C. Helms, and Richard Kirby.



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