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Little Pigeon Church was organized June 8, 1816, with thirteen charter members, viz., Mathew Rogers, John Harrison, Samuel Bristow, John Tennyson, Enoch Garrison, William Lemair, Nelly Rogers, Dinah Allen, Jemimah Harrison, Savina Bristow, Sarah Powell, Patsy Garrison, and Lucy Lemair. The presbytery was composed of Elders John Weldon and Thomas Downs. Bro. Samuel Bristow served as moderator. As soon as the church was constituted, an invitation was given for the reception of members and they received Zachariah Allen, Meshack Stacy, and Charlotte Stacy. The meeting place for the next regular meeting was appointed to be at Brother Tennyson's.

In August 1816, the Church voted to unite with the Gasper River Association of Kentucky. In 1817 the church agreed to unite with the Wabash Association; in 1819 they agreed to endeavor to attach themselves to the Wabash Association, but the messengers failed to arrive at the meeting. In May 1821 the church sent messengers to meet at Noah Gordon's in July 1821, which proved to be a meeting preparatory to the organization of the Little Pigeon Association, in October 1821. In 1844 the church united with the Little Zion Association, of which it is still a member.


Allen, Allensworth, Angel, Barbre, Barker, Bates, Beard, Bristow, Brown, Burkhart, Bush, Carter, Casper, Cooper, Courter, Crawford, Edwards, Egnew, Ewing, Garrett, Garrison, Gentry, Goble, Gonterman, Gordon, Griffith, Grigsby, Hagen, Hall, Hanks, Harper, Harrison, Hill, Hodge, Hopkins, Hornback, Hoskins, Howell, Jeffries, Johnston, Johnstone, Kelly, Kirkpatrick, Lee, Lemair, Likans, Lincoln, Masterson, Masteson, McDonald, Meeks, Oskin, Oskins, Perlman, Phillps, Powell, Preser, Randall, Richardson, Rogers, Romine, Sallee, Shackelford, Sharp, Shrodes, Stacey, Stansvery, Stark, Taylor, Tenneson, Thorp, Tucker, Turnham, Warner, Weller, Welton, White, Whittenhill, Wire, Wollard, Wolson, Young.


Baker's Creek Church was organized in 1818, by a presbytery composed of Elders Thomas Downs, Benjamin Talbert, and John Weldon. David Luce was the first deacon, and Abner Luce was the first clerk. A meeting house was erected in 1825. Early pastors included Elders James Nanny, Job Hobbs, and Isaac Veach. The church first joined the Goshen Association of Kentucky. In 1840 this was one of the churches which organized the Little Zion Association. In about 1840 the majority of the church held with the Regular Baptists, and a small minority went into the mission system, calling themselves Baker Creek Church.


Arnold, Berry, Briant, Carter, Critchfield, Dickerson, Dillon, Everton, Frisby, Harker, Hobbs, Horton, Howell, Jones, Luce, Meeks, Nanny, Overlin, Rogers, Smith, Spencer, Thrailkill, Tucker, Vesta, Young (incomplete list due to lack of records).


Bethlehem Church was listed as a member of the Little Zion Association in the 1844 minutes, at which time Elder J. Pierce, E. Powel, and T. L. Tinsley were messengers, who reported 23 members in fellowship.



Friendship Church, located about three miles south of Gentryville, was a long-time member of the Little Zion Association. See also Spencer County.


Barker, Byers, Duncan, Gammon, Gasaway, Hesson, Jones, Kerr, Newman, Tulley, Wright (very incomplete list due to records not having been located).

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