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Concord Church, near Cerro Gordo, was organized in Macon County, in December 1843 (according to a petition made to Liberty Church in Sangamon County). Details of the charter members, exact date of constitution, or names of the members of the presbytery to organize the church have not been found. The church united with the Sangamon Association in 1845.

In 1861, Concord, New Providence, and Blue Ridge churches were dismissed from the Sangamon Association, to organize the Salt Creek Association. The Salt Creek Association met for a period of about six or seven years, after which it dissolved, and the constituent churches joined other associations. Concord Church reunited with the Sangamon Association in 1867.

The names of the pastors have not all been determined, but it is known that Elder John H. Myers was a member and pastor of this church for several years.


Armsworth, Ater, Atterberry, Carpenter, Froman, Hays, Howell, Jarrett, Kemp, Myers, Risk, Still, Stout (incomplete due to loss of records).

BLUE RIDGE (see Champaign County)

Blue Ridge church was organized in 1859, and some of the early references to it indicate that it was near Fisher, in Champaign County. However there is some indication that later this church met in a small frame building near Monticello, at the site of the Blue Ridge Cemetery, in Blue Ridge Township, in Piatt County. For surnames of members which are known, see Champaign County.


Minutes of the Sangamon Association; minutes of Sandy Creek Association.

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