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Bethel Church united with the White River Association in 1822.


Indian Creek Church united with the White River Association in 1823.




Little Flock Church was organized in Clay township, Owen County, Indiana, on October 8, 1842, by ten members who were dismissed from Hebron Church in Greene County, most of whom were residing on Little Raccoon Creek. The meeting was held at the Union Schoolhouse.

The church continued to meet in the Union Schoolhouse and in the homes of the members until January 1855, when a frame meeting house was completed, about one mile west of Whitehall on State Route 43. The church built a new meeting house in about 1995, about two and one half miles east of Spencer, or five miles west of Elletsville.

In 1843 the church voted to petition for membership in the White River Association, which was granted, and it is still a member of that body. The church divided in about 1977, and both parts of the divided church used the same building for several years, but the church body recognized as sound and orderly by the White River Association now meets in the above mentioned new meeting house.

Pastors have included Elders T. Oliphant, L. L. Walden, M. C. Fulk, James H. Oliphant, D. T. Poynter, Gideon Potter, R. A. Oliphant, Peter F. Watkins, Thomas Mitchell, James L. Noblett, W. S. Fisher, O. O. Chastain, James V. Wolfe, George W. Atkins, Richard Thacker, Jesse Brinson, Guy Green, H. J. Gwaltney, W. Arnold Malicoat, Cecil Fuson, Homer Cox, Leslie Brinson, Ralph Culy, Kenneth Morris, Raymond Adkins, and Eddie Fewell.

Clerks (all of whom were members of the church) included: Alfred Pace, William Whitaker, Lemuel Heron, John L. Wilson, Andrew Christy, Joel W. Malicoat, J. H. Freeman, William Stogsdill, C. E. Brown, Alva Brinson, Myrtle Malicoat, O. E. Thacker, Marjorie Hawkins, Ray Brinson, David Brinson, Jerry D. Thacker, Marjorie Hawkins, and Polly Chesser.


Acuff, Adkins, Bean, Brinson, Brown, Burke, Chessor, Christy, Clark, Crull, Dawley, Durnil, Ellis, Freeman, Hawkins, Hendricks, Heron, Latimer, Malicoat, Maners, McDaniels, McDonald, Mong, Morris, Murphy, Oliphant, Pace, Pearcy, Poynter, Rankin, Sink, Stogsdill, Stone, Syester, Thacker, Walker, Wampler, Whitaker, Wilson, Woodward (very incomplete list).

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