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Red River Church was organized on July 25, 1791, by Elders Ambrose Dudley and John Taylor, near the confluence of Sulphur Fork Creek with the Red River, in the Mero District of North Carolina (this area is now in Montgomery County, Tennessee). There were eleven charter members, viz., Richard Thomas, George Neville, William Prince, Isaac Wilcox, Samuel Wilcox, Hannah Wilcox, Elizabeth Prince, Rachel Neville, Sophia Owens, Anne Neville, and Sarah Connell.

Red River Church first united with the Elkhorn Association of Kentucky, then the Mero District Association, then the Cumberland Association (1803). This church was the host for the organization of the Red River Association in August 1806.


Adams, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Babcock, Battle, Batts, Bauldrey, Bearden, Beavers, Bell, Bennett, Berry, Blackwell, Boggan, Boren, Bostick, Boydstone, Brake, Brakefield, Brandon, Broadstreet, Brooks, Brown, Bryan, Buckhannon, Cahoon, Carter, Chapman, Cherry, Clayton, Clovin, Connell, Cooper, Cotes, Coventon, Craig, Daniel, Darden, Darnall, Davis, Deloach, Denson, Dickinson, Dillard, Dillingham, Draughn, Dunn, Edgar, Elliott, Elsworth, Farrier, Faulk, Fergason, Fort, French, Fristoe, Futrell, Gardner, Godfrey, Goodwin, Goyne, Graham, Gray, Griffith, Grinnal, Grisard, Grisham, Gunn, Hardin, Hardy, Harmer, Harraldson, Hawkins, Heraldson, Herring, Hightower, Hinson, Hinton, Holland, Hubbard, Huling, Hutchens, Jackson, James, Jamison, Johnson, Johnston, Joiner, Jones, Justice, Kerlile, Killebrew, King, Lacy, Lampkins, Larrisy, Lawson, Lea, Lewis, Lindsey, London, Lyle, Mahan, Mallory, Malone, Mason, Maston, Matthews, May, McClendon, McCormick, McIntosh, Miller, Mills, Moore, Murray, Neville, Norfleet, Owen, Owens, Parker, Penny, Perry, Phillips, Pollock, Poole, Pope, Priest, Prince, Read, Reader, Reasons, Redfern, Rhodes, Riggs, Roach, Roberts, Robertson, Roscoe, Rose, Ross, Rosson, Rowland, Russell, Sanders, Saunders, Skinner, Smith, Soary, Spillars, Stark, Stewart, Stratton, Stroud, Sugg, Symns, Taylor, Teas, Thomas, Thompson, Totewine, Trice, Tyler, Tyre, Vaughn, Waddleton, Waddlington, Walker, Warren, Webb, Wester, White, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Wimberley, Winters, Wolf (incomplete).


Blooming Grove Church was organized in about 1805 and was one of the original churches of the Red River Association, and in 1813 united with the Little River Association. This church went into the modern mission system at the time of the division in 1833.



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