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Sugar Creek Church, in Crawfordsville, was organized on December 13, 1823, with eight charter members, viz., Joseph Hahn, Elihu Crane, Mary Crane, John Elmore, Abigail Elmore, David Long, Henry Lee, and Priscilla Lee.

Pastors of the church included Elders John Lee, from constitution until September 1848; Bonham Kester, for a few years; John Brady (who was ordained here in February 1845); J. J. Goben (ordained by Walnut Creek Church in November 1847); Jonathan Vancleave; M. M. Vancleave, from about 1850 until his death in October 1897; Riley Nowels, for three years; R. W. Thompson, for two years; and Elder J. H. Oliphant, for over thirty years.

Elder M. M. Canine was for many years a prominent member of the church, and was selected to deliver the address and relate the history of the church at its centennial observance.

During the first year of its existence, the church received twenty-one members; by 1836, they had received 132 members.

The first church building was of brick, and was located at the foot of North Washington street, on Lot 100, which was donated to the church by Major Whitlock from his original town platting. It was 24 by 30 feet, and for several years it was the only church building in town, and was freely used by all denominations. The second edifice was located on Walnut street, between College and Jefferson streets.


The Stand Against Sunday Schools at Crawfordsville, in 1833


Union Church, near Waveland, was organized by members dismissed from Sugar Creek Church, in October 1826. Elder Mathias M. Vancleave was a member and pastor here for many yars.



Indian Creek Church, in Brown's Valley, was organized at the home of James Brush, on September 22, 1832, with twenty-four charter members, who were dismissed for that purpose from Sugar Creek Church, viz., William Stillwell, Elisha Lane, Elizabeth Lane, John Stillwell, James Brush, Polly Brush, Luticia Swindler, Rhoda Ann Gott, John Jones, Jane Gott, Ann Gott, Joshua B. Jones, Rebecca Jones, Joshua Jones, Polly Jones, Jemima Pilcher, America Pilcher, Elizabeth Galey, Jane Staton, Levina Shepherd, Sarah Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Elizabeth Shepherd, and Henry H. Hall. The presbytery was composed of Elders and brethren, Robert Stapleton, John Lee, J. K. Powers, Daniel Easley (all from Sugar Creek), Samuel Vancleave, Ralph Carnine, Benjamin Vancleave, James Harris, Caleb Conner, Martin Utterback, and Catlet Proctor (all from Union Church).


Ader, Airhart, Akers, Allen, Armstead, Armstrong, Badgley, Beaver, Black, Blackiter, Branson, Britton, Brown, Brush, Cadell, Canine, Carson, Carter, Coons, Cox, Crooks, Davis, Dearinger, Deathridge, Dickerson, Doyl, Easley, Edwards, Ellis, Ferguson, Finley, Galey, Gibbs, Gilbert, Gott, Hall, Hardee, Harris, Haynes, Hedges, Herns, Hicks, Holt, James, Jones, Kershaw, Keys, Lafollett, Lane, Layne, Long, Maddox, Mahan, McClain, McMullen, McPherin, Morgan, Morton, Mosley, Odell, Pilcher, Pointer, Radford, Rice, Rogers, Sarvis, Shelley, Shepherd, Skelton, Smith, Starnes, Staten, Stewart, Stillwell, Stump, Swearengen, Swindler, Swisher, Taylor, Vancleave, Vansoyoc, Vantuyle, Walden, Wasson, Watkins, Whittington, Whorley, Wible, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson, Wray.


Providence Church was a long-time member of the Danville Association.


Bird, Brown, Byrd, Cline, Frenkenbarger, Graybill, Hardin, Harris, Jeffries, Nolan, Payne, Poynter, Railsback, Shackelford, Smalley, Stewart, Wright (very incomplete list due to not having located the records).

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