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Crow Creek Church was organized in Marshall County by 1839 or earlier, as the church applied for membership in the Sangamon Association in October 1839. However, when the Association convened, the messengers referred the matter to a committee, to report the following Monday, when the following action was taken: "16th. The request of Crow Creek Church praying admission into the association was laid over until next association." The Association convened again in October 1840, and the case of Crow Creek Church was again referred to a committee; and on Monday, the committee gave its report, as follows: "The case of Crow Creek Church taken up, and the association advise Sandy Creek and Crow Creek Churches to meet together, and in a Christian temper, try to settle their difficulty."

In 1850 Crow Creek Church and Sandy Creek Church were two of the churches which organized the Sandy Creek Association. We lack many of the early minutes of Sandy Creek Association, but have proof that Crow Creek Church was still meeting at least until about 1860. Elder Robert F. Haynes and others served as pastor. When the church dissolved, part of the remaining members moved their membership to Salem Church near Toluca (see below).


Davis, Patton, Perry (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


Salem Church was organized on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in June 1858, near Wenona, on the head waters of Crow Creek. The council consisted of Elder William Fellingham and deacon George Fellingham (Ebenezer Church); Elder Levi Hess and Brother H. H. Hess (Buck Creek Church); Elders James B. Chenowith and W. A. Thompson, and Brother Hartwell Haily (Sandy Creek Church). Shortly after, the church received two members by relation and one by baptism.

Elder Robert F. Haynes united with the Regular Baptist church in Hancock Co., Ill., in 1839, and was ordained there, and then moved to this area. He served this church as pastor in its early history. Elder John Downey united with this church, and was ordained here in 1877, and served as its pastor for many years. Bro. John Moulds was licensed to preach by Salem Church, but never ordained.

In September 1859, Salem Church was received as a member of the Sandy Creek Association, the messengers being William Palmer and Samuel R. Patton, who reported 12 members. They were two of the charter members.

In 1879, Brother Palmer gave the church a deed for property a short distance west of Toluca, near the Palmer School, on which a meeting house had already been constructed. This church was located west of Toluca, in Bennington township, Sec. 6, SE Corner. It was later moved into the town of Toluca.


Bane, Downey, Harvey, Ingrey, Jordan, Litchfield, Moulds, Palmer, Parker, Patton, Richardson, Strattan, Twist (very incomplete list due to loss of records). Additional surnames (taken from a local county history, but which we cannot prove, include: Ballard, Conrad, Stoner, Algoe, Gilchrist, Dunlap, Jenkins, and Griffin).


Minutes of the Sandy Creek Association; obituaries of members from the Signs of the Times (1832-present).

If anyone knows of the existence of any minutes of Sandy Creek Association, or of the Salem Church near Toluca, or Crow Creek Church near Varna, please let us know.
Thank you.

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