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"Robinson River Church was organized January 4, 1790, at Criglersville, Virginia. There were 76 charter members, 28 white males, 39 white females, 3 black males, and 6 black females. The members were primarily from Ragged Mountain (later known as F. T.) Church near Peola Mills, but a minority also came from Rapid Ann Church.

The church met in a frame building until 1860, when a brick building was erected in Criglersville, on land which was deeded in October 1858, by Thomas P. Simms and wife to Lewis Finks, David Story and John Fishback, trustees.

The division in the Baptist Church caused by the Burnam faction occurred during a session of the Ebenezer Association while held at this church in August 1888. Trouble soon arose as to the use of the church building. This was finally decided by arbitration, a judge granting each party equal use of the house. However, the majority of the Primitive Baptist membership lived in the locality of Madison and Brightwood, about eight miles from Criglersville. They soon began holding their services in a school house, and in 1895 procured possession of one and three quarter acres of land at Brightwood, on which they built the present church building the following year. In April 1904, they procured one acre more for a cemetery.

Elder William Mason was the first pastor. He was the second pastor at Ragged Mountain Church, succeeding George Eve. He was a member of the Mount Poney Church and remained so until his death in 1823. He served at Robinson River from 1790 until 1822. He was followed by Elders Ambrose Booten (1822-1836); William Lauck (1836-1875); Paul Yates; J. A. Norton (1892-1900); W. T. Eaton (1900-1903); A. J. Garland (1903-1904); J. A. Norton (1905-1919); A. J. Garland (1919-1945); F. E. Thompson (1945-1956); Charles W. Alderton (1956-1978); W. H. Lewis (1978-1980); and J. Tolliver Utz (1980).

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