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The records of Liberty Church, Sangamon County, for December 1843, disclose the following: "Received a request from a number of brethren in Macon County, Illinois, for helps to constitute a church. The church grants the request and agree to send the following named members, to wit: John Alsbury, Charles Alsbury, and Simon Proctor."

CONCORD (See Piatt County.)


A Macon County history, published in 1876, lists numerous Primitive Baptist ministers who preached in this county at various times. It also states that Elder John H. Myers, a long-time native citizen of the county, is now (1876) preaching regularly in the city of Decatur, and expects to organize a church during the spring of 1877.


New Providence Church was organized on Saturday before the third Sunday in May, 1881, at the Long Grove School. Ten members were dismissed for that purpose from Mt. Zion Church, in Moultrie County. They were: T. Edward Atteberry, Milly Atteberry, William C. Atteberry, Emeline Armstrong, Bell Brown, Coleman B. Davis, Charles Davis, Abraham Funk, Martha Funk, and William Weldon. In the fall of the same year, this church united with the Wabash District Association, and continued to represent for several years. The church received a few new members by letter and by baptism, but apparently ceased to meet by about 1890. Coleman Davis, of Macon, Illinois, served as clerk.


New Publican Church was organized in Decatur in 1964. The first pastor was Elder William Jordan, of Tennessee. Elder Irvan Ward was ordained by this church. The Church united with the Big Creek Association of colored Primitive Baptists, and in 1990 reported 57 members.


Cedar Mount Church was organized on December 30, 1945, in the auditorium of the YMCA building in Decatur. The nine charter members were Fred B. Williams, Mattie A. Williams, Dixie Wantland, Katie Hazelrigg, Juanita Bricker, Elder Charles W. Moore, Lillian B. Moore, Emma Walker, and Lucy C. Moore. The presbytery was composed of Elders T. Leo Dodd and Oscar Campbell, and Deacons Charles Walker and Glenn A. Younker.


Bricker, Hazelrigg, Moore, Walker, Wantland, Williams.

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